Eurosky ends a very good year 2016:

  • More than 300 charter flights
  • An increase of 20 % in  turnover

We completed our 9th year thanks to our regular clients and to   new incomers that have decided to trust in our services. We have chartered all type of flights: flight series for tour operators, Adhoc flights for peak dates, incentive flights, sport flights, private jet flights for  CEO, VIP or artists, Last minute flights.

It was to expect that the last days of 2016 would be  full of flights. In fact we had 12 movements between the NYE and the 2nd of January. Working  on those dates is  a real challenge  that put the light on  our job and the importance of working with a good aircharter broker.  Those dates are complicated because everyone is paying more attention to the family and Friends gatherings rather than the work. Moreover, less persons are working. Therefore, the bróker as to supervise with more dedication than ever the details of the flights. All our operations went all good thanks to the great job of our expert and duty manager at that moment: Philippe Bina.

We started the year 2017 with lots of flights as well. The second week of January, we had 8 flights taking place in 6 different time zones, with flight in several continents: Asia, Europe, south America. Once again, the work of our duty manager was tested  due to this huge time difference in between operations ( 9hours of difference between  Bogota and Dubai). On the top of that, we had artists that used our jets as a connecting flight out / to  a Hub (for using then a long-haul regular flight). We operated a flight from Punta del Este (Uruguay) to Buenos Aires // regular flight to Bogota // and then another jet from Bogota to Cartagena. Time is money, and in that case our passengers could relax  the maximum they could thanks to the use of “door to door” transfer ( from the door of the jet to the door of the Regular flight) . Our staff did a really good job ( “I ve never went out so fast of this airport of my life”  told us one of the passenger in Buenos Aires). All flights went all good.

We start this new year 2017 with enthusiasm and good hope  to  improve again and again our services: we want to  remain the first choice  for all our clients.