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3 March 2020

Travel in private jet during COVID-19

You need to travel during the Coronavirus? How Eurosky can help you with you travels during this Covid-19 situation?

Most of the Commercial operators are now reducing their flights to answer to the decrease of the number of passengers.
To answer to this reduction in the number of commercial flights, Eurosky offers you the possibility to fly with a private jet.

A part from offering routes that no longer exists, flying with a private jets allows you to reduce the risk of contamination: crews are trained and are receiving all the pertinent information to secure your flights with the highest standard of hygiene; cabins are cleaned before and after each flights with special care following the instructions of the EASA ( European union aviation safety agency). Besides when you travel with a Private jet you avoid the concentration of people you can find in the traditional commercial terminals, and as you can choose your Schedule you can avoid overnights and hotels at destinations.

Eurosky team is available 24/7 to help you with all the possible questions and doubts you can have while planning a travel in this period of covid-19.

For more information you can check on the following l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS), who also edit a web dedicated to the evolution of the coronavirus.

We off course recommend everyone to follow the strict measures adopted by now a lot of country and to stay safe at home to avoid to spread the Virus. Our thoughts go to the one that are working hard to fight this virus. Here in Spain each day at 20h we applaud the loudest we can all the staff working at the hospital.

24/7 Eurosky team
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22 October 2019

Empty Legs Flights

Every year, our clients take the advantage of using special flights called Empty leg. These flights are cheaper than normal charter flights.

What is an Empty leg? How does it work?

Every time you book a flight there are two movements. If the aircraft you are booking is not based at the departure airport, then there will be a positional empty flight going to the wished departure city. If the destination city it is not the aircraft base, then another empty flight will take place.

With a simple charter operation, we can have at least 3 movements, from these 3 movements 2 can be sold as “empty legs”. This situation gives the chance to travel with a competitive Price, the only thing is that client must be flexible with dates ,schedules and destination airport .There is a big empty leg market between Europe and USA, which allows to fly those routes in a private jet at least for 40.000USD.

How much does an empty leg cost?

If the operator’s route matches 100% with your wished flight, you may get a very good price. It depends on the season and route, but you may get a discount of 40% or 50% on the normal flight price. Operator still need to pay for handling, fuel, taxes and catering costs for that empty leg.

Which are the negative aspects of an empty leg?

As this empty leg flight depends of the initial confirmed flight, it may have some affections as for example on schedule. This happens often when the original flight has been confirmedlong time in advance. If the original flight has been a last-minute confirmation, normally this issue is not affecting the empty leg.

Also be aware that flying to a city with multiple airports like London, you will not be able to choose airport.

We receive information about available empty legs every day. Tell us what the route you need is and we will check if there is any empty leg available that can suit you.
Please contact our commercial department at info@eurosky-solutions.com for further information.

13 March 2019

Falcon 900 Landing in Ascension island

Last week we operated a special flight with Falcon 900 to the remote island of Ascension, in the middle of the Atlantic ( 1500 km from the African coast, more than 2000km from the brazilian coast).
We are thrilled that we could make this one happen as this is one of the very few Falcon 900 public transport flight landing to this island. Obtaining the traffic rights and landing permits was not the easiest part of the flight and would like to thank warmly Master jet that helped us in making the flight happens. Our executive flights manager ,Philippe Bina, dedicated also a lot of patience and phone calls.
That kind of flight is a big motivation for us and one of the main reason we love our job: explore new flights, new routes, new horizon; big challenges and make them happen, you know when everyone say “it is not possible”, and in the end you succeed.
Fly with eurosky 

6 September 2018

Private jet for DJs, artists and touring

Once again Eurosky corporate solutions has been very active this summer on the charter market. We have Chartered more than 113 commercial and private flights over the months of July and august delivering a high quality of service all summer through.

We have to put forward that 60 % of our destinations or origins have been Ibiza Airport. Mykonos as well Has been very demanded. One of the main reason explaining this fact is the lack of regular flights and good connection comparing to the high demand in the summer season.

We have been operating business flights , pre season football flights, Holidays flights. Thanks to the good partnership with Maleth Aereo we have been transporting a famous dj during the whole summer season in the same dedicated Jet. Fort he 5th consecutive year we have been handling his flights but this time with a dedicated jet for all flights ( a citation bravo) with a special logo that have been very popular on the Ibiza airport.
All flights have been operated with success thanks to the professional team behind the jet; we would like to thank Victor and the crew ( Alberto, Rafael, Francisco) for their great work that went above expectations.

All our team and expertise is at your service if you need such a service for one of your artist or band. From a single flight to a world tour, Eurosky is your key contact for logistics.
eurosky contact 24/7

22 September 2017

What is the price of a private jet flight?

What is the cost of a private jet charter?

What is the Price of a private jet charter? How much does it cost to travel on board of a private jet?
This is the most recurrent question we are asked by our clients, friends when we mention we are air charter bróker. “You work with private jet charter?! How much does it cost?”
There are lots of common belief about that subject, like thinking that this is a privilege that can only afford a few amongst the richest persons on planet Earth.

The Price of a private jet depends on several factors:

– The two main ones are the size of the aircraft and the duration of the flight. The size/weight of the jet (from very light to ultra long range jet and Coporate airliners): to determine the size of the jet you need to know the number of passengers, the quantity of luggage, but as well the duration of the flight. It is easily understandable that the more passengers, the farther you need to fly without stop, the more luggage you have, the more expensive will cost your private jet flight. This explains why the range of prices can be from 1.100 euros / hour with a small turboproppeller up to 20.000 euros / hour with a Boeing business jet.
– Another aspect that has an effect on prices is the duration of your stay at destination. If the stay is short ( a few days maximum), the operator can leave the aircarft parked at destination, this means less flying hours for your jet, meaning a smaller Price. To maintain your private jet parked at destination you need to know in advance if th airport can grant you a long stay parking. As a professionnals of aviation, Eurosky staff anticípates that kind of technical details to avoid unexpected cost. Some airports are heavily restricted during high season (Ibiza, mikonos airport have the worst procedure in that field), and moving your jet to the closest airport with parking availability can cost you a mínimum of 1 hour extra.

Knowing all those elements Eurosky staff is your key contact to evaluate and advise you regarding the cost of your next private jet charter. If you have any needs , any question please feel free and contact us at info@eursoky-solutions.com or +34 93 414 0986

26 April 2017

Happy Easter

This has been the best month of April for Eurosky. Once again, we have put all our expertise at the disposal of our clients:

  • Charter flight for a group of Spanish tourists to Krakow.
  • Private jet for an artist on tour in South Europe. Since a long time now Eurosky is one of the specialist for the transport of artists.
  • Private jet for a Bull Fighter who needed to go to Arles
  • Several Boeing 737-800 for the transport of competitors and the staff of a great Sport Event.
  • One the most thrilling operation was to transport an entire family in a Global Express, one of the best Private Jet of the market.

St Barth has no airport that can accept private jets due to its very short runway. For this reason, we landed first in St Maarten with our Global Express and then booked associated services. Due to the lack of the availability at that moment, we had to split the group in two transports: one group with a Turbopropeller Twin Otter DH and one group using a charter boat. For that boat service, we had to pay special attention to the sea conditions to make everyone arrive at the same time at the airport for the return.

One of the common aspect of those charter flights is once again to gain time and avoid long waiting time at the airports for connections or boarding.

If you wish also to gain time and use our services, please call +34 934140986 or info@eurosky-solutions.com



17 January 2017

goodbye 2016, hello 2017.

Eurosky ends a very good year 2016:

  • More than 300 charter flights
  • An increase of 20 % in  turnover

We completed our 9th year thanks to our regular clients and to   new incomers that have decided to trust in our services. We have chartered all type of flights: flight series for tour operators, Adhoc flights for peak dates, incentive flights, sport flights, private jet flights for  CEO, VIP or artists, Last minute flights.

It was to expect that the last days of 2016 would be  full of flights. In fact we had 12 movements between the NYE and the 2nd of January. Working  on those dates is  a real challenge  that put the light on  our job and the importance of working with a good aircharter broker.  Those dates are complicated because everyone is paying more attention to the family and Friends gatherings rather than the work. Moreover, less persons are working. Therefore, the bróker as to supervise with more dedication than ever the details of the flights. All our operations went all good thanks to the great job of our expert and duty manager at that moment: Philippe Bina.

We started the year 2017 with lots of flights as well. The second week of January, we had 8 flights taking place in 6 different time zones, with flight in several continents: Asia, Europe, south America. Once again, the work of our duty manager was tested  due to this huge time difference in between operations ( 9hours of difference between  Bogota and Dubai). On the top of that, we had artists that used our jets as a connecting flight out / to  a Hub (for using then a long-haul regular flight). We operated a flight from Punta del Este (Uruguay) to Buenos Aires // regular flight to Bogota // and then another jet from Bogota to Cartagena. Time is money, and in that case our passengers could relax  the maximum they could thanks to the use of “door to door” transfer ( from the door of the jet to the door of the Regular flight) . Our staff did a really good job ( “I ve never went out so fast of this airport of my life”  told us one of the passenger in Buenos Aires). All flights went all good.

We start this new year 2017 with enthusiasm and good hope  to  improve again and again our services: we want to  remain the first choice  for all our clients.

21 October 2016

Falcon 8X, new private jet of the “Ultra long range” segment

On October the 5th, 2 years after it was annouced, the first Falcon 8X made its grand entrance into service. The Falcon 8X will be now available in the market for owners, operators and de facto for charter flights in the Long-haul segment. This type of private jet allows you long non-stop flights reaching the West American Coast or South-America from Europe . The Falcon 8X  can operate up to 12.000 km without technical stop (with 8 passengers, 3 crew member). The french manufacturer gives some example of such long-haul routes: Hong-Kong to Seattle; Paris to Singapour or Sao Paolo to Moscow…

Dassault strikes back with once again a High standing  private jet with 2 majors features:

  • The Falcon 8X is the longest never built. The cabin lenght is 13 meters ( more than 1 meter more than the 11,90 m. of the former models like Falcon 7X and Falcon 900). The new flagship of the French firm is 35 % more fuel efficient than any other aircraft of the Ultra Long range segment.
  • The Falcon 8X is the private jet that features  the highest level of customization of any large cabin business jet on the market with 30 configurations available.

Dassault can be once again proud of its avionics. The Falcon 8X ( like the 7X) will be capable of approaches up to 6 degrees, allowing it to serve challenging airports well known in aviation business: London city airport, La mole ( St Tropez), Aspen colorado USA, Saanen ( Gstaad).

For any doubt about the Falcon 8X  or any needs in chartering an Ultra Long range private jet, please contact our commercial department: we will look for the jet that best meets your needs

7 July 2016

Summer is coming

June always means a higher density of charter flights: flights with commercial aircrafts as well as flights with private jets. This is a big challenge for us as aircharter broker as there is for sure more traffic in general (regular flights traffic is higher with the beginning of the summer season) which means that there are less aircrafts available on the market, less capacity for airports operations (less slots, less parking) and our attention  on each single flight has to be multiplied  to care  all details and parties involved.

If you take for example Ibiza airport, it has around 30-40 movements per day in the Winter, while in the summer it can reach 400 on a week day and up to 600 on a week end.

In June, we have offered to our clients a wide spectrum of charter services:

  • 5 Incentive flights with as usual lots of details to look after in the “ocean” of flights that has to operate each airline: business catering, headrest covers, special logos for check in desks screens, press son board, use of Vip room…
  • the beginning of several charter flight series for Tour operation and Cruises.
  • Charter flights for football fans during the Euro in France.
  • Last minute flights for top managers suffering regular flights delays and in need for arriving on time to vital business meetings. We can usually take off 90 minutes after confirmation.
  • Numerous flights for artists attending gigs and open air festivals.
  • Helicopter transfers in the French Riviera.

The most popular aircrafts we have used were the citation jet 2 for business aviation and the Fokker 100 for commercial aviation. In the end we have operated 39 charter flights.

We wish you a happy summer and we will be once again at your service to study your new travel projects.

9 June 2016

charter flights for international events

May 2016 has been a great Month for Eurosky, we have operated more that 1 flight per day. This month is usually marked by an increasing of the traffic due to the good weather but overall due to the International Events: football finals (Europa League and Champions League are events that trigger the use of all kind of flights: private jets for VIPS, Charter flights for Fans and for teams, we even had a request for a special event  for a Sponsor willing to play one of the game  on board using the WIFI of a Corporate Jet);  Cannes Festival, Formula 1 in Monaco and the Ibiza Openings. Charters are vital for the success of those events: imagine a final without fans at the stadium?

Do not hesitate to contact us for your next events during this summer.

12 April 2016

Private flight for a corporate Event in Paris

During the month of March, we had the opportunity to transport the Directors of a famous Spanish Company to their international corporate Event in Paris. The task was quiet challenging as we had a limited budget but a high level of quality requested by the Customer. We found a great solution with an Embraer 145 of 48 seats that we used departing out of Barcelona Corporate Terminal for our passengers to gain time during the check in and boarding procedures. We obtained as well to operate from Le Bourget airport in Paris. Our flight-rider was on board during both flight to supervise a smooth operation, a nice catering and cuttlery , french Macarons from La Durée and a Graves Bordeaux from La Cave Vignon Paris* for the inbound flight. Our passengers were in hurry for the return flight to attend the Fc Barcelona game ( against Arsenal for the Champions ). The rain that day slowed a bit Barcelona airport operations (it s not very often that we have rain in Barcelona ) and the handling had issue to get the luggages out of the hold of the Embraer 145….Nothing is impossible for Eurosky’s Flight rider who literally jumped into 2 meters high hold of the aircraft to Unload the luggages of our Passengers to the handling staff and then safely to the terminal.

When you charter a flight it’s not only about a price and an aircraft. We do believe that it is all about details, passion and full commitment of your Staff.

18 February 2016

Fly with Style: use Helicopters.

This week end we had another example of the time that we can make you save by using our services: landing at Nice with a Light jet and have an helicopter waiting to get you to your final destination without any stress.

18 February 2016


LOS ANGELES…. huge city with a lot of traffic. We had the pleasure to help one of our clients saving time and money at his arival at LAX airport with an Helicopter Transfer at night!!

18 February 2016

Lanzarote – Incentive charter flights

Today we woke up early to supervise the departure of our two flights to Lanzarote, wild destination. All went on time and our passenger could enjoy the beautiful landscapes of this Canarian Island during their Incentive.


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