June always means a higher density of charter flights: flights with commercial aircrafts as well as flights with private jets. This is a big challenge for us as aircharter broker as there is for sure more traffic in general (regular flights traffic is higher with the beginning of the summer season) which means that there are less aircrafts available on the market, less capacity for airports operations (less slots, less parking) and our attention  on each single flight has to be multiplied  to care  all details and parties involved.

If you take for example Ibiza airport, it has around 30-40 movements per day in the Winter, while in the summer it can reach 400 on a week day and up to 600 on a week end.

In June, we have offered to our clients a wide spectrum of charter services:

  • 5 Incentive flights with as usual lots of details to look after in the “ocean” of flights that has to operate each airline: business catering, headrest covers, special logos for check in desks screens, press son board, use of Vip room…
  • the beginning of several charter flight series for Tour operation and Cruises.
  • Charter flights for football fans during the Euro in France.
  • Last minute flights for top managers suffering regular flights delays and in need for arriving on time to vital business meetings. We can usually take off 90 minutes after confirmation.
  • Numerous flights for artists attending gigs and open air festivals.
  • Helicopter transfers in the French Riviera.

The most popular aircrafts we have used were the citation jet 2 for business aviation and the Fokker 100 for commercial aviation. In the end we have operated 39 charter flights.

We wish you a happy summer and we will be once again at your service to study your new travel projects.