On October the 5th, 2 years after it was annouced, the first Falcon 8X made its grand entrance into service. The Falcon 8X will be now available in the market for owners, operators and de facto for charter flights in the Long-haul segment. This type of private jet allows you long non-stop flights reaching the West American Coast or South-America from Europe . The Falcon 8X  can operate up to 12.000 km without technical stop (with 8 passengers, 3 crew member). The french manufacturer gives some example of such long-haul routes: Hong-Kong to Seattle; Paris to Singapour or Sao Paolo to Moscow…

Dassault strikes back with once again a High standing  private jet with 2 majors features:

  • The Falcon 8X is the longest never built. The cabin lenght is 13 meters ( more than 1 meter more than the 11,90 m. of the former models like Falcon 7X and Falcon 900). The new flagship of the French firm is 35 % more fuel efficient than any other aircraft of the Ultra Long range segment.
  • The Falcon 8X is the private jet that features  the highest level of customization of any large cabin business jet on the market with 30 configurations available.

Dassault can be once again proud of its avionics. The Falcon 8X ( like the 7X) will be capable of approaches up to 6 degrees, allowing it to serve challenging airports well known in aviation business: London city airport, La mole ( St Tropez), Aspen colorado USA, Saanen ( Gstaad).

For any doubt about the Falcon 8X  or any needs in chartering an Ultra Long range private jet, please contact our commercial department: we will look for the jet that best meets your needs