This has been the best month of April for Eurosky. Once again, we have put all our expertise at the disposal of our clients:

  • Charter flight for a group of Spanish tourists to Krakow.
  • Private jet for an artist on tour in South Europe. Since a long time now Eurosky is one of the specialist for the transport of artists.
  • Private jet for a Bull Fighter who needed to go to Arles
  • Several Boeing 737-800 for the transport of competitors and the staff of a great Sport Event.
  • One the most thrilling operation was to transport an entire family in a Global Express, one of the best Private Jet of the market.

St Barth has no airport that can accept private jets due to its very short runway. For this reason, we landed first in St Maarten with our Global Express and then booked associated services. Due to the lack of the availability at that moment, we had to split the group in two transports: one group with a Turbopropeller Twin Otter DH and one group using a charter boat. For that boat service, we had to pay special attention to the sea conditions to make everyone arrive at the same time at the airport for the return.

One of the common aspect of those charter flights is once again to gain time and avoid long waiting time at the airports for connections or boarding.

If you wish also to gain time and use our services, please call +34 934140986 or