Cost to hire a private jet

How much does it cost to hire a private jet?

We are committed to finding the most competitive solutions for your private jet flight. Once we have established our clients’ preferences, we search for the best solutions and best prices for private jet charter.

First, we compare the prices set by the various private jet operators. We then select the best fares and the most suitable aircraft for you to choose from, in this order:


1- The private jet with the best price:

The private jet with the best price on the market matching the exact features of your flight that meets our supplier quality criteria. Relying on our experience and our network of more than 5,000 private jets, we will always offer you the best option at the best price.


2- Opportunities with a higher specification private aircraft at a similar price:

Next, we offer you a second option with a more modern private jet. The best price in the market is often for an older aircraft, or an aircraft with upgrade options (such as cabin with or without bathroom, year of cabin refit, comfort). That is why we always offer a second choice of superior quality at a similar price.

If you ask us for a specific aircraft model (such as the Citation XLS), it is also likely to be the case that we can find a better offer in the same category (such as the Phenom 300).


3- Flexibility at a price that is 10-50% cheaper:

If you can be flexible, we can offer great discounts on the price of your private flight.

  • If you can agree to a technical stopover, the price of a flight can be reduced by 10-20%.
  • If you can change your flight date or destination airport, you can take advantage of our empty leg offers. Prices for an empty leg are 25-50% cheaper than a normal private flight.

Take, for example, a flight from Seville to Cuba:

Direct Flight

The price for a direct flight was € 95,000 on a Gulfstream 550. Paying a little more, we got a good deal on a G650 ER.

The best alternative

The best alternative with a stopover en route gave a price of € 82,500 with a Challenger 605.


With a little flexibility

With a little flexibility from the client, we were able to arrange an empty leg direct flight (from Europe to Miami) at € 69,000 on a Global Express, flying two days later.

Our commitment when it comes to the cost of private jet charter is to exceed our clients’ expectations.