Private Jet to Ibiza

Private jet to Ibiza Airport

Ibiza is one of the most popular destinations during summer time.

Who flies in private jet to Ibiza?

The Balearic island is attracting lots of different passengers: from VIP’S invited to a party, Dj’s who have a show in a Club, families who want to enjoy the glamorous touch of the island, up to people who want to enjoy the calm of the north of Ibiza.

As everyone wants to travel at the same time, things get complicated in term of traffic and dispatch of the flights. During summer weekends Ibiza airport registers more than 600 movements, whether only 450 on a week day or not more than 50 movements on low season.


How much costs a private flight To Ibiza?

The price of the rental of a private jets to Ibiza depends on many factors:

  • The number of passengers, the amount of luggage and the distance to fly will mark the type of aircraft you will require from a very light jet to an ultra-long range. The price per hour can go from 2.000 euros to 10.000 euros.
  • Another key factor is the availability of the aircraft at the time of your request and booking. At Eurosky we always look for the best solutions amongst the one that are available in the market to avoid any bad surprises in the prices.

During the high season, many jets owner are used to fly from North Europe to the Balearic islands. Once they have flown, they leave their private  jets parked in the area where they can be available for the charter market. Our commercial team can search for you the best jets at the best rate. We can even have some empty legs opportunities

Where is te boarding taking place at Ibiza Airport?

The Access to your private jet in Ibiza is taking place  in a dedicated terminal: general aviation terminal.

The terminal has been enhanced several times in the past years. The airport is offering more parking space for private jets and more comfort in the waiting lounges.

However the high demand during the summer time makes some times the number of parking available looking very poor. Ibiza still have one unique  runway and limited space for its development.


Who entrust your flights to Ibiza?

Renting a private jet to IBIZA needs an experienced professional advice that Eurosky can offer you. During 2018 we operated more than 120 movements and traffic is getting higher year after year.

Without the advice of a professional broker such as Eurosky, you can face trouble with the offer you receive due to the negligence and inexperience of many brokers: the price that you are offered may be multiplied by 3 between offer and booking!!

With Eurosky, your only concern would be to relax and enjoy your trip to the island.

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