You need to travel during the Coronavirus? How Eurosky can help you with you travels during this Covid-19 situation?

Most of the Commercial operators are now reducing their flights to answer to the decrease of the number of passengers.
To answer to this reduction in the number of commercial flights, Eurosky offers you the possibility to fly with a private jet.

A part from offering routes that no longer exists, flying with a private jets allows you to reduce the risk of contamination: crews are trained and are receiving all the pertinent information to secure your flights with the highest standard of hygiene; cabins are cleaned before and after each flights with special care following the instructions of the EASA ( European union aviation safety agency). Besides when you travel with a Private jet you avoid the concentration of people you can find in the traditional commercial terminals, and as you can choose your Schedule you can avoid overnights and hotels at destinations.

Eurosky team is available 24/7 to help you with all the possible questions and doubts you can have while planning a travel in this period of covid-19.

For more information you can check on the following l’Organisation mondiale de la santé (OMS), who also edit a web dedicated to the evolution of the coronavirus.

We off course recommend everyone to follow the strict measures adopted by now a lot of country and to stay safe at home to avoid to spread the Virus. Our thoughts go to the one that are working hard to fight this virus. Here in Spain each day at 20h we applaud the loudest we can all the staff working at the hospital.

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