Hire a private jet Brussels

It is very easy to book a private jet with Eurosky to Brussels. Capital of Belgium and considered the  capital of the European Union,  the destination is very popular amongst our customers as a city departure  and destination.


We operate from /to Brussels on a regular basis for our clients living in the capital and for clients who wish to visit it. Our team of experts will advise you which jet category will suit you better for your flight to Belgium, aswell as what airport will be the most convenient.

Below you will find some answers to the doubts that you may have.



Brussels Airports: Which airport to choose for a private jet charter?


There are two airports for the city of Brussels:


Brussels Zaventem Airport



Located in the northeast of the city, Brussels Zaventem Airport is mostly dedicated to regular flights. It concentrates most of Belgium’s air traffic as Brussels is also located in the center of the country and it is the home of the national operator:  Brussels airlines.

As a main airport it also has an executive aviation terminal with several private jet handling companies. As a matter of fact , Brussels is the base of several operators and numerous private jets.

We can put at your disposal a car with a driver. It usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour depending on the traffic jam.

Be aware that it is not an H24 airport for private charter flights: during week ends it accepts only arrival after 23h00 loc in winter and midnight in summer.

For further information regarding operational times of Brussels Airport, do not hesitate to contact us with all your flight details.


Brussels Sud – Charleroi Airport:

Located 45 km south of Brussels, Charleroi is an interesting airport to cover the entire area of the Belgian capital.

The airport has grown a lot in the last 20 years to help to relieve some air traffic to Zaventem.

It has an executive aviation terminal (located in front of the regular flights terminal) making your private jet  flight operation more  private and effective.

Please note that the airport is closed to traffic after 22h45 local time.



Alternative for night  departures: Liege


Liege airport is well known for the Cargo business. It is one of the major cargo airport in Europe and as it works 24/7 it is also used for private jet charter when Brussels and Charleroi do not allow  flights.


 The different handlings that assist private jets have high quality services in both airports either Charleroi or Zaventem:


  • A personalized and fast security control.
  • VIP lounges.
  • A simple and fast boarding (especially in Charleroi where aircrafts are parked just next to the corporate terminal)
  • A quality catering service.
  • Car service with a driver.
  • Helicopter transfer.



Transfer from a regular flight to a private flight in Brussels:

The transfer from a regular flight to a private flight is not automatic. We can help you to do this transfer by door to door in Zaventem or by private car depending on your needs.



Price for a private jet from Brussels:



price for  Brussels – London by private jet:


From 4,200 euros with a very light jet of 4 seats, for example a citation mustang.


Price for  Brussels- Ibiza by a private jet :

Ibiza is one of the most popular destinations during the summer.

With a very light jet, it would be on the edge, so we recommend a light jet category or superior.

We usually fly in light jet at least:

Price would be from 11,000 euros for a light jet like a citation jet 2+

from 14,000 euros with a Citation XLS+ or phenom 300.


Private jet Brussels – Nice  or. Brussels – Cannes:

from 8,000 euros in very light jet of 4 seats   like a citation mustang.

from 10,000 euros for a 6-seater Light jet  like  Citation jet 2+.


Prices from Charleroi airport would be the same, although depends on the positioning of the aircraft, Charleroi may be cheaper as operational costs are not so high.


These prices are based on flights that we have already made. Prices may vary depending on the availability of aircraft on the day of your flight. For more information, please contact our department with your flight details.


Our commercial team is at your disposal to find the best solution for your private flight to /from Brussels as well as to other destinations of your preference.