Private jet to Gibraltar

Do you need to rent a private jet to Gibraltar?  With Eurosky, flying to Gibraltar is very easy, contact us with you exact date and route and  we will offer you the best solutions. For urgent need,  please contact our sales department.

In this article we will detail any relevant information about flying to Gibraltar with a private plane.


Which Airport is used to fly to Gibraltar by private jet?

Gibraltar has its own airport.


Located only 500 mts  from the heart of the city , Gibraltar airport is unique and well known in the aviation world. Its main runway is crossed by a road ( Winston churchill avenue , the main road  heading towards the  border with Spain). So each time there is an aircraft landing or departing, the main road has to be closed, as if it  was the train…except that it is a plane taking off.

It is possible to operate with all kinds of aircraft with the 1525 mts runway. But we will only recommend pilots and operators experienced with Gibraltar operation so that your private flight can be operated with the highest standards in safety.

Alternative airport to Gibraltar:

As the airport is not 24/7, we would need to know you exact schedule to perform your flight. In case it does not suits the Gibraltar airport, we may help you flying to an alternative airport. For example , malaga airport is 24/7  and might be a solution in case you want to fly to Gibraltar by night.

Why use a private jet charter to reach Gibraltar:

Gibraltar airport is both Civil and military. Regular flights are usually operated by British airways and Easy jet from London, Bristol or Manchester. So  in case you need to fly from another airport or schedules do not suit you , we will be able to find you the best solutions.

Price to rent a private jet to Gibraltar:

Price  London Gibraltar by private jet :

=> 19.500 euros con un citation jet equipped with 6 seats for 2h45 flight

Price Amsterdam Gibraltar   by private plane:

=> 20900 euros  with a citation jet 4 equipped with 8 seats and 3hours flight.

Price Zurich  Gibraltar by private jet:

=> 18000 euros with a  citation XLS  equipped with 8 seats and  2h45 flight


In order to give you an accurate price , do not hesitate to   contact us.  or call us at +34 93 4140986