What is the price for a private jet charter?


What is the price of a private jet  charter? This is the most recurrent question we are asked by our clients,  friends when we mention we are air charter bróker. “You work with private jet charter?! How much does it cost?”  The answer at first sight can seem very easy to tell, an app or a jet cost calculator can help you in having a rough idea. But the eye of an expert of aviation is required to give you the best advice and  give you   a real precise price for your private jet flight. In case you need a quote for a given private jet charter, please contact our commercial team is here .


There are lots of common belief about that subject, like thinking that this is a privilege that can only afford a few amongst the richest persons on planet Earth.

Several segments exist on the private jet market for a corresponding type of client and needs.  To keep it simple I usually  compare it with a the car market: a Ferrari has not the same cost as a Citroen C1 and not the same use neither. We will give you more details below.



The Price of a private jet  flight depends on several factors:

1. Private jet category:

The private jet category will determine the cost per hour of a flight.  For instance  un single engine  light  aircraft ( like a Pilatus PC 12)  does not have the same price as a  heavyjet equipped with 3 engines  ( such as a Falcon 900).

The two main points that helps to know the category of your private jet charter are:

  • the number of passengers on board.
  • the duration of the flight.

In conclusion,  the more passengers on board and  the longer  the flight is, the  heavier  and the more expensive the private jet flight  will be.

Besides,  the amount of luggage and the comfort required on board will also have a significant impact on the cost of your flight.  For instance we have clients that prefer to travel with a Falcon 2000 eventhough  they are 2 on board and flying a short distance. On the other side, we have passengers  very happy to pay less money for a very light jet such as a Citation jet 1 for the same trip.

In conclusion , depending on the size of the plane , the   price  of a private jet charter can be from 1.800 euros / hour with a small turboproppeller up to 20.000 euros / hour with a Boeing business jet.

Cost of a private jet rental per  hour depends on the category of the jet :

  1. Turbo propeller up to 8 passengers => from 1.800 euros / hour.
  2. Very light jet up to 5 passengers => from 2.400 euros / hour.
  3. Light jet  up to 7 seats => starting from 2.900 euros / hour.
  4. Super light jet up to 8 passengers => from 3.500 euros / hour.
  5. Midsize jet up to 9 passengers => from 4.500 euros / hour.
  6. Heavy Jet up to 13 passengers => from 6.500 euros / hour.
  7. Ultra long range up to 16 passengers and 13h30 of flight => starting from 8.500 euros the hour.
  8. business airliner up to 100 seats => starting from 15.000 euros/ hour.

These are average prices. Do not hesitate to contact our team for more information  and obtain a real quote.


2.Duration of the Trip:

Another aspect that has an effect on the cost of a private flight  is the duration of your stay. As a matter of fact, if the stay is short ( a few days maximum), the operator can leave the aircraft parked at destination. This means less flying hours for your aircraft, meaning a better price for your private jet charter.

Usually the cheapest private jet flights are usually a day return flight: which means outbound and inbound in the same day. We operate those flights  for business meetings for example. Each night spent  at destination generates costs for the crew such as hotel accommodation, meals and extra parking costs for the aircraft ( in case the parking is granted).


3. Other technical factors that affect the price of a private jet flight:

=> the approval of a long term parking has an impact on the price of a private jet rental:

To maintain your private jet parked at destination you need to know in advance if the airport can grant you a long stay parking. As  professionals of aviation, Eurosky staff anticipates that kind of technical details to avoid unexpected costs for your charter.

Some airports are heavily restricted during high season (Ibiza, Mikonos airport have the worst procedure in that field), and moving your private jet to the closest airport with parking availability can cost you a minimum of 1 hour extra.


Example of repositioning extra cost for a private flight charter:

  • Empty leg Mykonos – Athens -Mykonos : between 3.000 and 8.000 euros
  • Empty leg Ibiza – Valencia – Ibiza: additional cost between 4.000 euros and 10.000 euros.

We  always anticipates those extra costs in our quotation for private jet rental.


 => the schedule of a private jet flight can change the final price:

The schedule of a flight has its importance on the final cost of private jet rental. First of all , every airport are  not 24/7. In those cases,  passed a certain  hour you can still operate but airport may require an additional fee to remain opened. Fo instance, an airport like Zadar in Croatia has an additional fee ( called OOH: out of Hour) of 250 euros / H. passed 22h00 local.

Secondly, some airports apply an increased fee for the use of their facilities during special dates. Indeed, in London airport, the price for the handling service is multiplied by two on the 25th and 26th of December.

And finally, we remind that some private jet operators apply and extra cost into their rate when they have to operate a night flight. This is mainly the case for operators using Floating base system to set the price of a  private jet rental. When you are flying until late, it may result impossible to fly the following morning due to the lack of activity for the crew.


=> Passenger taxes can represent an important part of the price of a private jet rental:

For instance, in Italy you have to pay what it is called the  Italian Luxury Taxe.  The amount is determined by the distance flown by the aircraft (only for business aviation): 100 euros / pax for each departure and arrival of flights covering less than 1.500 km // 200 euros / pax for each departure and arrival for flights of more than 1.500 km.

As a consequence, a very short flight can have an additional fee of 1.200 euros.

A part from Italia, some other airports apply an amount for passenger taxes that is quiet elevated: uk airports, Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona to name a few.


=>on board service such as the catering will change the cost of a private jet rental:

In the quotation of a flight, the standard of the operator is always included. This dotation depends on the type of private jet and also on the registration of the aircraft.

In Europe, the standard included goes from snacks and drinks up to a complete  VIP meal. Luxury catering such as Caviar or Grand Cru are not included and if you want to include those kind of items, the cost of your private jet charter can  increase a lot.


Prices of private jet flights:

You will find here some example of routes we have operated in the past. In case of needing a real quote, contact our commercial department with the detail of your flight.

Cost for a private jet flight  Berlin – Ibiza-  Berlin:

  • With 3 days layover, starting from 21.900 euros in case the parking is granted with a phenom 300
  • With 10 days : starting from 27.500 euros with a citation XLS+.


Price for  London to Ibiza by private jet one way:

  • Starting from 9.500 euros with a light jet equipped with 6 seats
  • From 11.500 euros with a super light jet equipped with 8 seats.

Cost for  a flight London Geneva by private jet:

As the route between London and Geneva by private jet is one of the most popular in the European trafic, we may offer very good prices such as Empty leg flights in case you find the perfect match or in case you have some flexibility in your agenda.

  • Staring from 7.000 euros with a very light jet such as a Citation Mustang equipped with 4 seats
  • from 10.000 euros with a light jet equipped with 6-7 seats.
  • Offers begin at 15.000 euros with a heavy jet such as a Challenger 604 or a Legacy 650.


Price for a  private jet rental between Dubai and Istanbul:

  • From 25.000 euros with a citation X equipped with 9 seats.
  • Offers begin at 28.000 euros with a heavy jet such as a Challenger 604 or a Legacy 650.


Cost for a private flight Miami to Europe:

  • Starting from 72.500 euros with a heavy jet such as a Falcon 2000 LX ( including a stop on route).
  • Starting from 91.500 euros with a Ultra long range for a direct flight.

For more prices of Private jet rental, please contact our commercial department.


price for  Milan Rome with a private jet:

  • Starting from 5.500 euros with a very light jet such as a Phenom 100 equipped with 5 seats
  • Starting from 7.500 euros with a light jet equipped with 6 -7 seats.




Why entrust your private jet charter to Eurosky to pay a competitive price?

Knowing all those elements Eurosky staff is your key contact to evaluate and advise you regarding the cost of your next flight. We have been dealing with those details since more than 15 years now. As a consequence we  will be surely your  contact to pay a fair price for you next private jet charter.

We will pick up amongst the best choices of private jet:

  • The less ferry flight as possible. As  a long  ferry flight means more  flying time and more money for your flight. we will find the aircraft closer to your routing so that you pay the less as possible.
  • No hidden costs. We will double check with you all the details of you request to find the ideal private jet, and the most suitable airport.
  • We are a totally independent broker, we will not trying to sell you something you do not need.
  • Reliable operators that helps you in case of major issue with your flight.
  • 24/7 available team.


If you have any needs , any question please contact our commercial team  by email at info@eurosky-solutions.com or  call +34 93 414 0986.