Private jet to or from Corfu

Do you want to fly to Corfu by private jet? With Eurosky it is very easy.  In this article we will detail information about private jet charter to Corfu.

In case you need an urgent flight, please contact our sales department and you will receive a quote with different aircraft models.

Which airport do you use to fly to Corfu?


Corfu has a unique airport located 2 km from the city center.  The airport of Kerkira Corfu has a commercial terminal which is very busy in summer due to the high number of tourists traveling.

For your private flight to Corfu you will also have to go to the main terminal as there is no business aviation terminal. However, a dedicated handling agent will accompany you through passport control until you board your jet. You can check in 25 minutes before take-off time.


Restrictions to fly to Corfu by private jet?

There are no specific restrictions to fly to Corfu:

– It has a long runway, all types of aircraft can operate.

– The airport is international, with border police service.

However, it is a very busy airport with limited slots. Permits must be requested 48 hours before your flight, and slots are allocated from 10 days prior to your private flight.


Price of a private flight to  or from Corfu

private flight London – Corfu :

Flight duration 3h20

  •  From 25.000 euros with a Super light jet such as Phenom 300 equipped with 8 seats
  •  From 30.000 Euros with a Mid size jet such as a Citation Sovereign equipped with 8 seats


Private fight Berlin Corfu by private jet

Flight duration 2h30

  •  From 17.000 euros with a  light jet such as Phenom 300 equipped with 8 seats.
  •  From 20.000 Euros with a super light  jet such as a Citation XLS+ equipped with 8 seats


those prices are based on past operations. In case you have a request for a private flight from or to Corfu, feel free to contact our commercial department for an immediate quote.