Private jet Istanbul

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Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous city, located between two continents, Europe and Asia. City full of history and natural landscapes, makes it one of the most visited cities in the world. One of our customers’ favorite private jet destinations.

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Private jet flight to Istanbul: which airport?

Istanbul currently has three airports:   Istanbul Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Atatürk Airport.

Below we give you some details of each one. If you need further information, contact our sales department.


Istanbul   International Airport:


This new airport started its operations in 2018 and replaced the old Atatürk airport.

Located in the European part of the city, about 36 KM from Levent, one of the main business areas   and 47 km from the city’s Asian neighborhood. It is the closest airport to the city. It has a single terminal where all passengers meet for domestic and international flights .

It has a corporate terminal for private jet flights with all VIP services.

The airport has three independent runways and 5 operational runways.


Sabiha Gökçen international Airport:


It is the second airport in the city, located in the Asian area, 50 km from the center. Many low  cost companies operate here. It has two terminals, one for domestic flights and one for international flights.

It has a terminal for private jet flights. Keep in mind that it closes at night.


Atatürk Airport:


Ataturk airport is the old airport of the city. It is currently mainly used for cargo flights, diplomatic flights and private jet flights. All commercial passenger flights are carried out at the other two  airports.

Ataturk is  the best airport option   for private jet flights.  The service is much more agile as there is not so much traffic volume.  Besides It has all the necessary services to assist a private jet flight , it is 24/7 and the closest to Istanbul.


How much does it cost to fly to Istanbul on a private jet?

The cost of or private jet flight depends on many factors. Below, we indicate the price of some of  the most  requested routes:

Dubai- Istanbul by private jet :

  • from 25,000 euros with a Super midsize jet  equipped with 10 seats
  • from 31,000 euros with a Legacy 650 13-seater


London-Istanbul by private jet :

  • from 30,000 euros with a Midsize-jet equipped with 7-8 seats
  • from 38,000 euros with a Heavy jet equipped with 10 seats and more.


=> Barcelona -Istanbul from 18,000 euros with a light jet of type Citation jet 3

=> New York-Istanbul: from 90,000 euros with a Global Express for a direct flight


These prices are for flights operated on a specific day. Do not hesitate to contact us, provide us with your flight  details and we will look for the private jet that best suits your needs.

Our sales team is available for any flight request to or from Istanbul. Check  out our offers for many other destinations.