Empty Leg Flights

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Every year, our clients have the opportunity to benefits from special private jet flights called Empty legs. These flights are cheaper than normal charter flights.


What is an Empty leg? How does it work?

Every time you book a single flight,  two movements are created at minimum. If the aircraft you are booking is not based at the airport of departure, then there will be a positional empty flight going to the wished departure city. If the destination city it is not the aircraft base, then another empty flight will take place.

With a simple charter operation, we can have at least 3 movements, from these 3 movements 2 can be sold as “empty legs”. This situation gives the chance to travel with a competitive price, the only thing is that client must be flexible with dates , schedules and destination airport .

There is a big empty leg market between Europe and USA, which allows to fly those routes in a private jet at least for 40.000USD.


How much does an empty leg cost?

If the operator’s route matches 100% with your wished flight, you may get a very good price. It depends on the season and route, but you may get a discount of 40% or 50% on the normal flight price. Operator still need to pay for handling, fuel, taxes and catering costs for that empty leg.


Which are the negative aspects of an empty leg?

As this empty leg flight depends of the initial confirmed flight, it may have some affections as for example on schedule. This happens often when the original flight has been confirmed long time in advance. If the original flight has been a last-minute confirmation, normally this issue is not affecting the empty leg. Also be aware that flying to a city with multiple airports like London, you will not be able to choose airport. We receive information about available empty legs every day. Tell us what the route you need is and we will check if there is any empty leg available that can suit you.


Please contact our commercial department at info@eurosky-solutions.com for further information.