Hire a private jet Geneva

Flying to or from Geneva on a  private jet is easy with Eurosky. Contact us with your flight  details  and we will respond as soon as possible with the most suitable solutions.

In this article we will detail some information about how to fly to Geneva Airport.


Geneva Airport in private jet:



Geneva Airport has one of the longest runway in Europe with a length of 3,9 km . The approach to the airport is one of the most beautiful: when you are flying from the south, you have the Mont-Blanc on the right and as you  turn  west you can enjoy  a splendid view of  Leman Lake also known as  Lake  of Geneva.

Located only  6 km far from the city (15 min) depending on traffic,  it offers a wide range of handling companies   on the Swiss  and  French  side.

It is the home base of a large fleet of private aircrafts. It is also, where every year, the famous business aviation fair takes place: EBACE.

As a matter of fact, Geneva is very important airport for business aviation. This is the entrance airport to the Swiss Alps, Lausanne and  Montreux.

Lausanne  has a runway  but due to its length ( very short) , it is  a complicated airport to operate in pubic transportation ( possible with turbo-propeller such as Pilatus PC 12 or Beech king air 200)

Important   to keep in mind, like all  Swiss airports, Geneva  Airport  is not  open  at  night  (usually the last possible slot is before midnight during the summer).


Alternatives to Geneva  Airport:


In case of a night flight request or weather problem,   Lyon  Saint-Exupéry airport will   be the best  solution although  it is far away  from  Geneva ( 1h30 drive)


If there are administrative issues   between   Switzerland and   other countries,  you can  use    Annecy Airport, which  is located in France. We had recently the need to fly from Annecy to London when all flights were cancelled in December 2020 due to the Covid  19  virus variant in the UK.



The different  handling    companies    in  Geneva  have high  quality  services:

  • A customized security check.
  • Many lounges allow you to wait comfortably. The airport has lounges on both sides of the runway.
  • Easy and fast boarding.
  • VIP catering service.
  • Limousine service (cost of aprox 1000 chf  with a van transfer to Verbier station)
  • Helicopter transfer to the numerous ski resorts.

Transfer from a regular flight to a private jet in Geneva

Transfer to or from a regular flight from Geneva is not automatic.

We will help you, upon request, to make the connection of  your door  to  door  as quickly as possible.


Prices for  a private jet flight  to or from Geneva


Geneva Airport is one of the most expensive in Europe. Our sales team will do its best to find the best deal among the more than 1.000 aircrafts available in Europe.

Here are some price examples to and from Geneva:


Price for  a private jet Geneva-London:

From 7.000 euros in very  light jet.  Feel free to ask us for a possible empty  leg  on this  popular route.

From 10.000 euros on Super Light Jet

From 15.000 euros in heavy jet type Falcon 900 type of 13  seats.


Cost for a flight Geneva- Nice by private jet:

Solutions with a Very light jet start from 5200 Euros with 4 seats

the price for a light jet ( 6 seats) would be from 5900 Euros.


Price for  Geneva – Ibiza  with a  private jet:

From 9.000 euros on Light Jet.

From 11.000 euros in Super light jet.



Price for a private jet   Geneva to Paris :

Geneva to Paris by private jet  is a very  popular route. If you have some flexibility you will benefit from our numerous empty leg opportunities:

From  5. 000 euros in  a  Very  light jet equipped with 4 seats ( citation Mustang, Phenom 100)

The cost for a light jet would be starting from 5.750 euros with a 6 seater ( citation jet 2 or similar)


Private flight between Geneva and Moscow:

From 25.000 euros in Mid  size  jet.

From 35.000 euros on Heavy Jet


These prices are based on flights that we have already made. Prices may vary depending on the availability of aircraft on the day of your flight. For more information, please contact our commercial department with your flight details.


Our commercial team is at your disposal to find the best solution for your private flight to /from Geneva as well as to other destinations of your preference.