Hire a private jet Madrid

Organizing a private jet charter from or to Madrid airport  has no secret for us.Our office is located in Spain  since 2008 and madrid is the capital of Spain. For this reason, Madrid  Airport is  one of the airport from which we operate we know the most. 


If you have an urgent request, please contact now our commercial department with the details of your request.

If you need to know more information about our flight from and to Madrid airport, you will find  more information below.


Why fly to Madrid on a private jet?


Madrid is the capital of Spain. Many companies’ headquarters are located in the city, business travel has a big volume. But  Madrid is also attractive for several other reasons:


  • Touristic: Getting lost in the most popular neighborhoods such as the Barrio de los Asturias (the Plaza Mayor,  Palacio Real,  La Catedral de la Almudena… ),  the Barrio de  Lavapiés  (multicultural), the Barrio de la Latina, is one of the oldest in the city (Basilica de San Francisco el Grande, Plaza de la Paja, El  .) among others.
  • Cultural: the city has a large number of museums and art galleries. One of the Big events  of the cultural agenda is the ARCO fair. The music also has strong presence in Madrid. It has many concert halls and many  musical festivals takes place in the Spanish Capital:  Madcool, Rio  Babel, Rivas  Rock…
  • Sport: Real Madrid is probably the most important teams in the world of Football. The Santiago Bernabéu has a museum where you can find the entire history of the  club  as well as all its   Real Madrid is followed by Atletico Madrid, this club has also a big number of followers. Each year many fans comes to attend a football game and see the biggest stars in action during the champions league or the liga.Football is not the only sport you can enjoy , you can also appreciate: tennis at the Mutua Madrid Open,  golf ( Madrid has more than thirty golf clubs) or fancy a  horse race in La  Zarzuela racecourse.
  • Culinary: from eating a simple and popular dish, such as fried eggs with fries from Casa Lucio to enjoying a 3 Michelin star restaurant like Diverxo . Visit the San Miguel market … Madrid offers endless options to please any food lover.
  • Business: Being the political and economic center of Spain, Madrid is very attractive to business. Also the numerous fairs that take place in the city attract thousands of participants each year (FITUR , ARCO , MADRID FUSION …)


This leads us to  the main topic of this article, the  entry gate to the millons of passengers who want to go and visit Madrid:  the Adolfo Suarez –  Madrid Barajas Airport.


Madrid Airport:  where to board a private jet in Madrid?

Madrid Airport is located   12 km northeast of the city,  it will take you 30 minutes to reach the  city center..

Adolfo Suarez Barajas Airport is the largest airport in Spain.In 2019 ,  61  million passengers used the airport.

Madrid Airport has 6 terminals:


  • The old International Terminal or Terminal 1: from where some charter flights depart and some scheduled flights. We often use it for our charter groups operations.
  • The old national flights Terminal or Terminal 2:  Also used for charter flights and some scheduled flights.
  • The Terminal 3 : is a check indesks area.
  • Terminal 4 : the new terminal where the Iberia’s air shuttle between Madrid and Barcelona is. Besides  all  Vueling flights are located there among other operator
  • The Terminal 4S : called It is located next to the Terminal 4 and has 26 boarding  fingers.
  • The General aviation  terminal is located at the south of the airport: Where all the private jets operate.

The General aviation of Madrid Airport  terminal has:

  • A custom security check.
  • Several VIP lounges that allow you to wait comfortably before boarding.
  • An agile and personalized boarding with dedicated staff.
  • A high-quality catering service.
  • Limousine service.


Transfer from a regular flight to a private jet flight:

The transfer of your arrival from an intercontinental flight to your private jet is not automatic. Eurosky will take good care of this  transfer according to your preferences:


  • Door to door service on request: all-inclusive cost of approximately 750 euros per passenger. It allows you to have a car ,at the door of your regular flight with a staff that accompanies you through the passport control ( fast  track) until you pick up  your  suitcase if you checked one in,  then a driver will take you to the corporate terminal (15 min. Approx  transfer)
  • VIP terminal transfer. Terminal: it has a cost of about 100 euros. A driver is waiting for you with a Mercedes on your arrival and will drive  you to the executive terminal. The transfer in Madrid cannot be made through the airfield.


Madrid Airport’s main assets:


  • The airport is H24.
  • There are plenty of parking spaces for the aircrafts.
  • It has no aircraft restriction.


A big drawback: the taxiing time to the runway it takes almost always 20 minutes. This information is always reflected in our flight briefs so that our customers can be aware of this when organizing their agenda.


What type of aircrafts operates in Madrid-restrictions?  :

Any type of aircraft can operate in  Madrid.

Nowadays there are no operational restrictions.



Examples   of private flight from Madrid on a private jet :



  • Business flights: Our local clients allow us to have big volume of business flights. The international-economic influence at allows us to benefit from a growing volume of foreign clients attending to fairs.
  • Touristic flights: The city has a great tourist interest… Madrid attracts millions of tourists every year. We organize week end for a small group with a private jet or a whole incentive trip for a larger group with a charter flight.
  • Sports flights: we have made flights for Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid fans.
  • Flights for artists: attend one of the many festivals in the city.
  • Connecting flights: Madrid is a hub that does not reach the size of London, Paris  or Frankfurt , but we operate many connecting flights (American, Asian  that come from  flights  operated by  Emirates  or  Qatar):  to Spain, Portugal  but also to the entire Mediterranean area.


Indicative prices for flights from or to   Madrid.


  • Barcelona -Madrid:

starting from 6,000 euros with a very light jet such as a Citation Mustang.

  • Madrid -Ibiza with a private jet  :

from 9,000 euros  with  a  super light jet Citation  XLS+

  • Milan – Madrid :

from: 10,000euros with a   light jet Piaggio  Avanti  II

  • Paris -Madrid :

from 9,000 euros with a  light jet CJ2+

  • London – Madrid :

from 10.0000 euros with a light jet  CJ3



These prices are example based on flights we have operated on a precise day with a given number of passengers and availability. For more information on how to plan your next flight to or from Madrid, please contact us.