Hire a private jet Moscow

Moscow is a top destination for business aviation. The Russian capital  has several airports. Which one to choose for your private charter? How much does it cost to hire  a private jet to Moscow? Below you will find some answers to your questions. If you need more information or flight offer, do not hesitate to contact our commercial department.


Moscow: which airport to fly with a private jet?

Moscow Vnukovo Airport: historical airport for private jet flights

 IATA->VKO.              ICAO-> UUWW.  

Moscow Vnukovo Airport is the oldest airport in Moscow. It is equipped with two runways that can accommodate all kinds of aircraft: from a turbo propeller to a Gulfstream G650. It is a regular and charter airport.

It is the airport with the lowest passenger traffic volume in Moscow, but it is the most important for executive aviation.

The two important features that makes this airport the preferred choice for our VIP customers:

  • Ideal location if your destination is in the citycenter. The nearest airport to Moscow city center (less than 30 km).
  • Its geographical location and elevation (210 m)make it have less fog problems than other airports. Airports need to stop operations with fog.

Its infrastructure has all the amenities for the business aviation passengers. Its private aviation terminal has 6 conference rooms and numerous lounges. It is a regular base for many jet’s owners who leave their planes available for the charter market.


Domodedovo Airport:

IATA->DME.              ICAO-> UUDD.  

 This is Russia’s second airport. It is located 42 km from the city Although it is far from the center, you can get to the city center quickly with the express train  (it takes 40 minutes with the Aeroexpress)

It offers the possibility to operate charter flights for groups and private. It is  the general aviation airport we use the least.


Sheremetyevo Airport: 

IATA->SVO.              ICAO-> UUEE.   

 It is the most important airport in Russia with the highest passenger traffic volume. Sheremetyevo is located around 30 km north of Moscow.

It is essentially a regular and charter airport for the summer season. It is  the hub of the national  airline Aeroflot.

It has 4 regular flight terminals and a terminal dedicated only to executive aviation: Terminal A.

It is a base for some owner ‘s aircraft that offer their jet to the charter market through our services.


Moscow has also other airports in its area, less  popular:


Khoukovsky Airport:



Located 36 km east of the city was initially a military airport. But little by little it is opening to passenger trafficfor scheduled flights.


Ostafyevo Airport :


It is owned by the famous company Gazprom.  It is an airport essentially used by executive aviation owners and Gazprom itself.  It is also a maintenance center for Falcon in Russia.



The different Executive aviation terminals of all Moscow airports offers the best services for private aviation:


  • A customized security checks.
  • Numerous VIP lounges.
  • A simple and fast boarding.
  • VIP catering.
  • Car service with driver.
  • Helicopter transfer.


Price to hire a private jet to Moscow :

We detail here some flight fares to Moscow (we use Vnukovo airport).

In general, with our quotes for private flights to or from Moscow, we always specify in our offers whether the VIP Lounge is included due the cost of using the lounge (per passenger) is very high.


Route Moscow -Nice by private jet:

We do not recommend using a light or very light jet for this route as   the flight time is  over three hours.

From 25.000 euros in Super light jet with a   Citation XLS

Starting from 42.000 euros on Heavy jet  with a Legacy 650 13 seats



London- Moscow route by private plane

From 23.000 euros in super Light jet with Phenom 300 6 seats

From 27.000 euros on super midsize jet with Hawker 800 XP



Private flight between Geneva – Moscow

From 21.000 euros with 4-seater super light jet

From 30.000 euros with Heavy jet of 13 seats



These prices are based on flights that we have already  made on  a  specific date, prices can fluctuate depending on the your needs and availability.


The above routes are very   popular, we may find Empty leg opportunities especially in the route Nice -Moscow between June and September.


Flying to or from Moscow by private jet is easy with Eurosky. Let us know your flight details and we will answer you as soon as possible with the best solutions and the most suitable airport for your trip.