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Hire a private jet Mykonos

fly with a private jet Mykonos

Fly to Mykonos on a Private jet with Eurosky. Mykonos is one of the most popular destinations during summer time. We operate a growing number of flights each year and we are in a position to find  great solutions for your next private jet charter there.

We will detail some information about this top destination below. For any urgent request, please contact our commercial department.


Mykonos airport:

A Growing number of passengers means more restrictions for Air traffic.

The Cyclades  islands attract lots of different passengers: From VIP’S invited to a party, Dj’s who have a show in a  one of the numerous Clubs, families who want to enjoy the crystal clear waters and the nice weather.

As everyone wants to travel at the same time, things get complicated in term of traffic and dispatch of the flights. During summer Mykonos  airport registers more than 400 movements, whether we can count no more than 30 movements during  low season.

The growing number of flights is an issue for the management of the slots and the trafic. Since Summer 2014, the airport authorities have decided to limit the turnaround time of the aircraft to a maximum of 3 hours. It has now become only 1 hour and the overnight parking is totally refused: all aircraft that needs to overnight or park more time have to reposition to Athens  or Santorini for instance.

Is there an executive terminal at Mykonos airport?

Until 2021-22, Mykonos just had one building for both private and commercial aviation. But in 2021, Fraport started  works to increase and modernize the facilities at the Main terminal  and also build a dedicated terminal for private aviation use.

As a  consequence , in summer 2022, passengers of private aviation in Mykonos could benefit from the new features of its brand new general aviation terminal:

  • faster boarding and arrival procedures.
  • Vip lounge for mor comfort and privacy.
  • newer facilities.


Helicopter, a great alternative to avoid the trafic issues reaching Mykonos:

To avoid high delays and slots issues, the use of Helicopter is a good alternative. In Greece, he use of choppers is quiet popular to fly form mainland to the Cyclades   as flight times are mainly below 1h30.

Helicopters are operated visually, which means with daylight and no slots obtention required. This allows everyone to reach in a short time notice the Cyclades.

One of the most demanded operation is to pick up passengers upon arrival of a regular flight in Athens. After the passengers pick up their luggage at the belt, you have a 15 min drive to the helipad and then a 35-40 min flight to Mykonos Helipad. The landing does not take place at the airport. There, a Mercedes Van is waiting for you to drive you safely to your final destination.

We also operate Helicopter transfers for pax arriving with private jet:

  • When their slots have been refused at Mykonos airport
  • When the costs of repositioning to Athens gets prohibitive.

Greece has many helicopters operator and we will help you to find the best chopper for your needs.

How much costs  a  private jet to Mykonos?

The price of the rental of a private jets to Mykonos depends on many factors:

  • The number of passengers, the amount of luggage and the distance to fly will mark the type of aircraft you will require from a very light jet to an ultra-long range. The price per hour can go from 2.400 euros to 10.000 euros.
  • Another key factor is the availability of the aircraft at the time of your request and booking. At Eurosky we always look for the best solutions amongst the one that are available in the market to avoid any bad surprises in the prices.
  • since summer 2022, the mandatory use of the jet terminal leads to +2500 euros increase per each movement at Mykonos Airport.

During the high season, many jets owner are used to fly from North Europe to the cyclades islands. Once they have flown, they leave their jets parked in the area where they can be available for the charter market. Our commercial team can send search for you the best jets at the best rate. We can even have some empty legs opportunities


Prices  of private jet  to Mykonos:

Those prices may change depending on the cost of the fuel. Besides those prices have suffered an increase for the mandatory use of the new jet terminal.

  • Ibiza Mykonos by private flight : 16.500 with  super light jet equipped with 7 seats. In 2022, we managed to sell a  flight at 10.000 euros for a 5 pax flight ( empty leg opportunity)
  • Mykonos – Athens by helicopter : 3.550 euros   with a Bell jet range equipped with 5 seats.
  • Mykonos – London with a super light jet : 18.500 euros with a  Phenom 300 equipped with 7 seats.

Price to reposition your private jet from Mykonos to Athens:

Parking for more than 3hours are not granted in Mykonos during high Season. therefore you need to reposition your aircraft to the closest airport with parking strand. Athens is usually the best choice.

The ferry flight out and in  Mykonos usually costs between 3.000 and 8.000 euros depending on the type of private jet you are using.


Those prices are based on past flights . Please contact us to get  a quote based on your needs.

Who entrust your flights to Mykonos?

Renting a private jet to Mykonos needs an experienced professional advice that Eurosky can offer you. During 2018 we operated more than 30 movements and traffic is getting higher year after year. Without the advice of a professional broker such as Eurosky, you can face trouble with the offer you receive due to the negligence and inexperience of many brokers: the price that you are offered may be multiplied by 3 between offer and booking!!

With Eurosky, your only concern would be to relax and enjoy your trip to the island.


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