What is the price of a private jet flight?



This is the most recurrent question we are asked by our clients, friends when we mention we are air charter bróker. “You work with private jet charter?! How much does it cost?” There are lots of common belief about that subject, like thinking that this is a privilege that can only afford a few amongst the richest persons on planet Earth.

What is the Price of a private jet charter? How much does it cost to fly  on a private jet?

The Price of a private jet flight depends on several factors:

  • The two main points that has an important impact on the price of a private jet flight  are the size of the jet  and  the duration of the flight. The size/weight of the jet (from a very light to ultra long range jet and Coporate airliners): to determine the size of the jet you need to know the number of passengers, the amount of luggage, and  of course the duration of the flight. It is easily understandable that the more passengers, the farther you need to fly without stop, the more luggage you have, the more expensive will cost your private jet flight. This explains why the range of prices can be from 1.100 euros / hour with a small turboproppeller up to 20.000 euros / hour with a Boeing business jet.
  • Another aspect that has an effect on prices is the duration of your stay. If the stay is short ( a few days maximum), the operator can leave the aircarft parked at destination, this means less flying hours for your jet, meaning a smaller Price. To maintain your private jet parked at destination you need to know in advance if the airport can grant you a long stay parking. As  professionals of aviation, Eurosky staff anticipates that kind of technical details to avoid unexpected costs. Some airports are heavily restricted during high season (Ibiza, Mikonos airport have the worst procedure in that field), and moving your jet to the closest airport with parking availability can cost you a mínimum of 1 hour extra.

Saying that , the flight the less expensive we realize is usually a short flight for a meeting  and then  back home in the same day each night spent  at destination generates costs for the crew such has hotel, meals and extra parking costs for the aircraft ( in case the parking is granted)


Why entrust your flights to Eurosky?

Knowing all those elements Eurosky staff is your key contact to evaluate and advise you regarding the cost of your next private jet charter.

We have been dealing with those details since more than 15 years now and we will be surely your best adviser to pay a fair price for you next private jet transport.


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