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Private Jet rental Barcelona airport

private jet to Barcelona with Eurosky

Rent a private jet charter to Barcelona is very easy with Eurosky. Barcelona is our city. We live and we work here. Our offices are in the heart of the Catalan capital since 2008. That is why, Barcelona Airport is one of the airports we use and know more.


If you need to make a flight request, please contact our commercial department now.

For more information about how  private jet rental works in Barcelona, you can  read the article below.



Why fly to Barcelona?

The city of Barcelona has always had an appeal on all levels. In its modern history, the 92 Olympic Games have had a definitive impact on the growth of the Catalan city.

Barcelona is a city that shines at all levels:

  • Touristic: the old town, the constructions of the famous architect Antonio Gaudí (la Sagrada Familia, la casa Batlló, Parque Güell…), La Boqueria market…
  • Cultural: Many music festivals take place in the city every year and attracts artists and music fans: Primavera Sound festival, Sonar, Cruïlla festival…
  • Sport: Barça Club has a big influence on the city. In the 1990’s, the dream team won their first champions league. Then, in the 2000’s, the argentine genius, Messi helped the FCB to become one of the  best clubs in the world.

The city also attracts fans looking for big thrills offering them the Montmeló circuit: motorsport / Formula 1 / Moto GP.

  • Culinary: the influence of the genius Ferran Adria and El  Bulli restaurant has made  visible to the world the Catalan cuisine.  Many customers ask us for transfers to Celler de can Roca, one of the top 50 restaurants  in the
  • Business: the numerous fairs that take place in the city attract thousands of participants every year (Mobile World Congress, Food fair, nautical fair ..)


Where to board on a private jet in Barcelona?

Barcelona’s    Prat airport is very well located just 15 km away, so you can reach city center in less than 30 minutes .


Regarding air traffic, Barcelona airport, it ranks the tenth place in Europe and second place in Spain. Between 2018 and 2019, more than 50 million passengers visited its terminals.


Barcelona Airport has 3 runways and 3 terminals:


  • Terminal 1 (the most recent): from where all the regular  flights of  conventional airlines depart (iberia,  vueling, Emirates, Air France,  Lufhtansa, British arways … ) .
  • Terminal 2(the old terminal): from  where  all the  low-cost airlines such as Ryan Air, Easy Jet or  the  charter flights operate.
  • The Corporate Terminal: where the private jets operate.

The corporate aviation terminal is relatively new: it was open in 2008 (such as the creation of Eurosky). It is the consequence of the growth of the city in terms of international influence.


The corporate aviation terminal has:

  • A custom security check.
  • Several VIP lounges that allow you to wait comfortably before boarding.
  • A custom boarding with the attendance of an Eurosky  staff .
  • A high-quality on-board catering service.
  • Limousine service.
  • A public parking where you can leave your car easily.



The large assets in terms of operation for a private jet:

  • The airport is 24/7.
  • There are plenty of parking spaces for planes.
  • Fast Boarding.


A drawback we can point out: the taxiing time to the runway it takes almost always 20 minutes. This information is always reflected in our flight briefs so that our customers can be aware of this  when organizing their agenda.



What type of aircraft can operate in Barcelona –  is there any restrictions ?

Any type of aircraft can operate in Barcelona: from a single engine to an ultra long range private jet.

However, there is  a restriction since 2019 due to the high volume of traffic (up  to 1200 movement / day) the airport’s  management  imposed a traffic restriction for  all private  aircraft  of less than  7 tons :entrance restricted between  8 :00:00-12:00 and 18:00-22:00  (not affecting to the aircrafts based in Barcelona).




Private and charter flights departing from   Barcelona:


Flights that we operate from Barcelona:

  • Business flights: our local customers allow us to maintain a large volume of business flights. The international economic influence allows us to take benefit from a growing volume of foreign clients attending fairs.
  • Tourist flights: The city has a great tourist interest. Barcelona attracts millions of tourists every year.
  • Sports flights: Barça club .We fly for FCB different departments, for fans who wish to attend a match of the most attractive teams of the 21st century..
  • Flights for artists: attend one of the many festivals in the city.
  • Connecting flights: Barcelona is a hub that does not reach the size of London, Paris or Frankfurt , but we operate many connecting flights (American, Asian  that come from  flights  operated by Emirates  or  Qatar):  to Spain, but also to the entire Mediterranean area.




Prices for private jet charter  from or to  Barcelona.


Prices for flights departing from Barcelona:

  • Barcelona -Ibiza: from 5,000 euros with  a  4-seater mustang.
  • flight Barcelona -Madrid from 6,000 euros.
  • flight Barcelona-  Mykonos from 15,000 euros non stop  with  a  CJ2.
  • Paris- Barcelona on a private jet charter:  from 8,000 euros with a  Citation  M2
  • London –  Barcelona with a  private jet :  from 10,000 euros with a  CJ  1



For more information on how to plan your next flight to or from Barcelona, please contact us.