Private jet rental Paris

Fly to Paris with a private jet is very easy with Eurosky. Paris is the top city visited in the world. Each year more than 40 millions visitors travel to enjoy the french capital . The purpose of this article is to understand how  Eurosky can help you in reaching Paris with a private. For more information contact our commercial department now.

Why fly to Paris?

Paris is the most visited city in the world for many reasons:

  • Touristic:

Paris is composed of numerous neighborhoods which all have  an emblematic streets or monuments. Walking in Paris is like visiting a museum: going in “bâteau Mouche”  allows you to see the Eiffel tower and Notre dame de Paris from a different perspective; walking  in the Champs Elysées will take you from the Place de la Concorde and its Obelisque to the Arc de triomphe passing by the Grand palais and the presidential palace; montmartre with its hill and Sacré Coeur.

  • Culture:

the city has a large number of museums and art galleries. The Louvre , the Orsay Museum and the Georges Pompidou museum are the main ones.Apart from the museum, Paris is one of the main place in the world for Fashion.  Designers like YSL, Chanel, Givenchy or jean Paul Gauthier do not need any introduction at all.

  • Sport:

The Paris Saint Germain football team is still a young team and yet it has become one of the most famous one thanks to  players like Zlatan, Neymar, Mbapé to name a few.Paris is also the place where the arrival of the tour de France and the French open  ( Roland Garros – tennis) are taking place .

  • Culinary:

The french cuisine is one of the most famous one andParis as the capital is one of the main hot spot. Paris is still the second city of the world with more Michelin stars (after Tokyo).

  • Business:

France is a very centrical country. Central institutions and headquarters are almost all located in Paris. So whenever you have a business meeting or to attend an important show in France, Paris is usually the place to visit.

Moreover, the recent Brexit situation makes Paris more and more powerful in the European finance. This leads us to  the main topic of this article, the  entry gate to the millons of tourists who want to go and visit Paris:  Paris Airports.

Paris Airport? which airport for your private jet charter:

Paris is one of the biggest city of Europe. During its growth, it has developed airports in the north and in the south. The city counts now 3 main airports and several small ones that may grow in a near future.

-> Paris Orly Airport:


Paris Orly  does not accept private jet  flights. It is mainly dedicated to regular flights and accepts only non-scheduled charter operated by operators based in Orly.

-> Paris Charle-de-Gaulle Airport:


It is the main airport of París in term of number of flights operated.  Charter ( from T3) , regular ( The Hub for the national airline Air France)  , cargo flights are the main operations.

A very few private jet charter are allowed due to the lack of slots and also due to the very prohibitive costs for private jets.  The only private jet flights  allowed are usually the  head of states or flight with direct connection to a regular.

-> Paris Le Bourget is the main Airport to reach Paris by  private jet .


It is the main European airport for business aviation. Paris Le Bourget is located at a 30 min driving distance from the heart of Paris. The airport accepts all type of aircraft and is generally closed to flights with more than 50 passengers ( except head of state flights or special permits). Only bad feature is the fact that it is closed to  departing flights after 22h00 loc ( but still ok for landings).

Where is the boarding taking place?

Le Bourget Airport only has Business aviation terminals. Each terminal is dedicated to one handling company, there are more than 8 dedicated terminals like  jetex, advanced air support, flight signature to name a few. Each one  offers:

  • A dedicated control
  • Numerous VIP lounge with all the facilities you may need.
  • A wide and great offer of catering (we are in Paris…)
  • Parking spots for cars and for jets.
  • Driver and limo service


-> Cergy Pontoise airport – Cormeilles en Vexin:  a good alternative

Iata:POX.     icao: LFPT.

This airport is a great solution when Le bourget is closed to traffic: during the paris Air Show in June and at night. Cergy is open 24/7 upon request which make it quite attractive.  Cars can even pick up you on the airfield which help you in gaining a precious time as the driving time from the heart of Paris is close to 45 min.


-> Toussus Le noble Airport: iata:TNF // Icao:LFPN

Since 2011, the activity of this very small airport has been reduced due to the fact that is no longer an international platform. Besides the runway is quite short to allow a public transport flight.


-> Melun Villaroche  Airport: iata: nil // icao: LFPM

Since 2013, the airport has been growing and accepting more and more private jet charters. International flights are allowed upon request and the airport  is a great alternative during the Paris airshow.


Transfer from a regular flight to a private jet flight:

The transfer of your arrival from an intercontinental flight to your private jet is not automatic. Eurosky will take good care of this transfer according to your preferences:

  • Door to door service on request: vthe service is quiet expensive but usually well handled by the staff at Paris.
  • VIP transfer at your arrival : we can arrange transfer with Vip vans upon arrival of your regular flight tole bourget from CDG // or to Melun from Orly. Passengers usually use CDG  and le bourget.

Examples of private jet rental  from and to  Paris

  • Business flights: Our local clients allow us to have big volume of business flights. The international-economic influenceallows us to benefit from a growing volume of foreign clients attending to fairs, business meetings.
  • Tourist flights: as said before Paris attracts millions of tourists every year. We organize week end for a small group with a private jet or a whole incentive trip for a larger group with a charter flight.
  • Sports flights: we organizefootball fans trips on demand for UEFA champions league encounters.
  • Flights for artists: attend one of the many festivals in the city.
  • Connecting flights: Paris is one of the main European Hub. It is a great gate to enter Europe with a regular flight and then fly private in all Europe.


Prices for  a private  jet charter  from  or to Paris le Bourget:

Amongst the most popular routes , we can offer:

  • Paris -Barcelona: from 9.000 euros with a 4-5 seats very light jet.
  • Paris -Ibiza : from12.800 euros  with  a  Citation  XLS+
  • Paris – Milan: from: 7,500 euros with a  Piaggio  Avanti  II equipped with 6 seats
  • Paris – Geneva : from 5.500 euros with a very light jet with 4 seats.


These prices are based on flight already operated and are indicative. If you plan to fly form or to Paris, do not hesitate to contact us and let us know all the detail of your trip so that we can find the most competitive solutions.