Private jet to Andorra

Flying with by private jet to Andorra is very easy with Eurosky.  This is one of the Top destinations , we will help you to organize your next trip to Andorra.

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Which airport is used to fly to Andorra by private jet?

The Principality of Andorra does not have its own airport within its territory. It would be very complicated to have a runway due to  its  mountainous topography. For many years the best option were Toulouse and Barcelona airports, but now  the facilities of La Seu D’Urgell airport have been improved.

La Seu d’Urgell Airport – Andorra:


Located about 21 km from Andorra la Vella, La Seu D’Urgell is the closest airport to Andorra. The airport has a single runway and its operations are limited due to the short runway (1267 meters) and the proximity of the mountains during the takeoff / landing .

Even so, for about 10 years it has been possible to operate at La Seu D’Urgell  public transport flights. Therefore , it is no problem to perform private or charter flights.

Important to be aware of the following when flying private  to La Seu D’Urgell- Andorra:

  1. 1-There is no police for the border control. If you fly from outside the European Union, you will have to make an administrative stopover on the way to La Seu d’Urgell.  For  example, a  flight from London – Andorra, will need a stopover, for example in Paris Le bourget to  have a passport control and  validate the entry of passengers within the Schengen area.
  2. 2-Weather can be an issue. Good weather and visibility are needed to be able to land at La Seu d’Urgell- Andorra airport. In case of fog or bad weather, your flight will be redirected to an alternative airport. To be noted, that since 2023 night flights are allowed with a 30 hr ppr ( permit ) to b requested.
  3. 3-Also not all operators can perform private chartered flights to Andorra airport – La Seu D’urgell.

Type of aircraft that can be used to fly to La Seu D’Urgell – Andorra:

  • For private jet flights: Light jet such as Citation II, or turboprop aircraft  such as Pilatus Pc 12, Kingair 200.
  • For charter flights: Atr42, Atr 72-500 or Dash8-400 will be the most indicated.
  • Regular flights: in 2023, Iberia Airlines was operating  2 weekly flights with Atr72-600.

Alternative airports to reach Andorra by private jet:

The alternative airports would be  Toulouse (France ), Lleida or Barcelona Airport. Toulouse and Barcelona are preferred as those airports do not have any operational restrictions regarding type of aircraft  // operating hours // police presence for passport control in case your flight comes from outside Schengen

Price of flights with private jet to Andorra:

The price to fly to La Seu d Urgell will depend on the jet category and the route, for example:

  • From  Paris Le bourget Airport to andorra   in pilatus pc 12 ,price from 7.000 Eur.
  • From  London biggin Hill on Pilatus Pc 12 , price from 13.000 Eur.


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