Travel in a private jet charter with your pet

We offer our clients the possibility  to travel with their pets on board of our  private jet flights. Following our company’s philosophy of offering tailor made solutions, we do all it takes to fulfill our client’s needs like offering the best comfort to your pets.


For any flight request, please contact our commercial department.


Why use a private jet charter for your pet?

Can you imagine traveling on a low-cost airline with your animal in a cage in the hold of an aircraft? I have a dog (a boxer) whose weight is over 30kg and  I have never thought of traveling with him  on a regular flight.  I always thought  this could be a very traumatic experience for him…and well, for me too. The best in this situation  is to travel with  my pet on board of a private jet flight.

At this moment, it is getting more and more difficult to find an airline that accepts to take your pet on board. For example Emirates or Easy jet  refuses to take pets on board, but emirates accepts Falcon though…

Some airlines accepts dogs but not over the weight of 8 kilos. This means for instance that a small French boulledogue can be  refused on board of a regular flight. This would not be the case on board of most of our private jets.


Why  Eurosky  can help me to have my pet on board of a private jet ?

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of this market, we help you to find the private jet that will suit better your needs ( and the one of your pet). We always find operator that accepts dog over 30 kilos.

We will request you all the information we need :

  • the weight of the animal.
  • the passport, microchip and all the relevant documents.
  • if you dispose of a Lish or a cage for the travel in case the operator requires it ( we know also operators that will allow your pet to sleep on the seat)
  • we will inform you of the possible additional fees in case of need.
  • The destination of you flight.

Is there any country with specific travel rules for my pet? 

If you want to travel from or to the United Kingdom with your pet, dog or a cat, you have to fulfil different PETS rules (Pet Travel Scheme) before boarding:

  • Microchip’s information must be updated.
  • Updated vaccination’s Passport to travel to those countries where this document is required or an official veterinary  certificate in case Passport not need it. Very important to have rabies vaccination updated.
  • the need to apply an anti-worm treatment  not less than 24 hours and not more than 5 days before the departure  travel to the UK.
  • There are other specific tests for pets traveling from countries outside the EU:


If you do not follow these rules, your pet can be rejected and quarantined for 4 months. The pet’s owner will be responsible for the consequent fees and expenses of the quarantine.

Before travelling:

  • Check with your broker and / or jet company if your pet meets UK veterinary requirements
  • Ask your broker and / or jet company which UK entry airports have a veterinary service: Not all airports are pet-friendly. Furthermore, not all the companies have the right to bring pets to the UK and Ireland.


Eurosky will make sure you can travel with your pet in peace and without fear of a last-minute surprise.If you want to know more about it, do not hesitate to contact our sales team: