Urgent private jet charter – Air Ambulance -Repatriation flight

With Eurosky it is very easy to book an urgent flight with a private jet. Every week we have the pleasure to be able to offer solutions to our lastminute requests or Urgent requests.

What are the reasons for booking an urgent private jet charter?

These requests have several reasons to be:

  •  repatriation flight,
  • strike on a  regular flight,
  • last minute meeting
  • an improvised getaway with friends, a nice surprise.
  • Air ambulance flight.


Is a last minute charter more expensive?

Usually the last minute flights are more expensive indeed. Two main reasons can explain this fact:

  • The lack of availability has a negative impact on the price and the quality: all the good aircrafts have already been confirmed ( this happens especially during the High season). We will of course do our best to find the best aircraft for your needs, but as the reason is an Emergency, we will offer you several solutions for you to choose.
  • Besides, many operators are used to do “early bird” price for bookings 3-4 months before the high season so that they can start filling the planning before selling the next flights at a more expensive rate.

Hopefully if this is high season and only a few solutions are available, this can cause some opportunity effect with the existence of many empty flights, the so called “empty legs” that can  lead to a great deals on the final price of a private jet charter.


Why entrust Eurosky for your last minute flights:

We are available 24/7. Eurosky is always very fast in giving a private jet solutions with a very competitive price. Price is a major factor of decision, but  the efficiency of our answer is also to be considered : time of reaction, preciseness of the offer. We always verify all the details of a flight: runway, operational schedules , crew availability ,aircraft range for that route, possible restrictions of flights

There are a lot of companies who answer clients without verifying those details before sending their offer. At Eurosky , we do both: last minute flight does not mean it has to be a flight with bad surprises.


Easy bookings:

For payments, we  offer the option to pay with credit card sending you a the link for the payment to your mobile device. It is very easy booking a last-minute private jet charter with us.


Urgent flight case:

Last weekend , Sunday at 7:00 AM ,a Canadian client contacted us because he wanted to return  to Canada, he was looking for  the fastest and the cheapest way  to be able to arrive to his destination and he had a regular flight starting from lisbon at 13h00 loc. Of course, no connection from Zaragoza to Lisbon. We found him a solution , a private jet from Zaragoza to Lisbon,  in less than 2hours for less than 8.000 euros.

If you have any last minute request  you can contact our commercial department per email info@eurosky-solutions.com or by calling to +34934140986