Corsica by private jet

Fly to Corsica airports by private jet with Eurosky. Corsica, also known as the island of beauty, is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean Sea. A very demanded destination from April to the end of October. Its crystal-clear waters and its beautiful landscapes are the delight for many tourists and lucky second residency’s owners.


How do I get to Corsica by private jet? How much does it cost to rent a private jet to Corsica? In this article you will find the answers to these questions. Do not hesitate to contact our commercial department if you need further information.



Private jet to Corsica: Which airport to choose?

Corsica has 4 airports. All managed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and all open to international traffic. They are usually closed at night. For any charter request we recommend to book 24-48 hours before departure in high season, as answers from the airport staff can be very slow (especially in Calvi and Figari).


Aeropuerto de Bastia –  Poretta


Located 16 km south of the city of Bastia, Poretta Airport will allow you to reach the northeast side of the island.

Its runaway has 2. 500 meters long and does not have operational difficulties.

Bastia can accommodate any type of aircraft and any type of private jet.


Ajaccio Airport  – Campo  del  l’Oro:


Located 5 km from Ajaccio, Ajaccio Airport is in the eastern part of the island. This is the most important airport in terms of traffic.

Its runaway has 2400-meter-long  has no operational difficulties.


 Calvi Airport  – Santa Catalina:

IATA->CLY.        OACI-> LFKC. 

It is a small airport located 8 km southeast of  Calvi,  covers the northwest area of Corsica.   It is an airport that has operational obstacles since there are several mountains. Pilots    need to have a special training to be able to operate at this airport.

Before offering you a private jet operator for your flight to  Calvi,  we  always check in advance that  pilots have all the necessary  qualification to be able to operate there.


 Figari Airport  –  Southern Corsica: the most popular for private jet to Corsica.

IATA->FSC.        OACI-> LFKF. 

The airport is  located in the south of Corsica and very close  to  Figari.

It is the third largest airport on the island and the first in executive aviation.  Its closeness to the city of Porto Vecchio, is one of the reasons for its success within our business aviation clients.

The airport is not H24 and  also the police is  not  available at the airport on Sundays after  17:00 in the afternoon  (it is recommended to plan in advance the trip if special permits are need it).

 Cala Rossa is a popular destination due to the beautiful beaches it offers. On of the nicest hotel for you stay will be for instance Cala Rossa. From Figari airport,  we  can provide you a private car service on  your arrival or get you an helicopter  transfer.


The airport is very crowded in summer. We recommend our customers to  book their  private flight in advance,  especially  if  their   trip is round trip on weekends.   The lack of parking stands in Figari is quiet common and airport authorities only allows quick turnaround.  It is often necessary to reposition the aircraft  to the closest airport with space for parking (usually to  Olbia because Ajaccio is also very crowded).


Prices for private jet to  Corsica:

We propose price references to Figari, due it is the most popular.


  • Nice – Figari  by  private jet:

From 5,800 euros in a  very light jet  of 4 seats

From 6,800 euros in a Light Jet  6 seats


  • Paris -Figari- Paris by private jet:

From 12,500 euros with 3 days stay at destination, on a 4-seater private jet (offer subject to parking in Figari)

  • Barcelona- Figari- Barcelona by  private jet:

From 9,000 euros to 2 nights stay, with a Citation Mustang -4 seats.


Helicopter flight in Corsica:


During summer season, traffic jam can make you spend more than an hour on a simple 20-minute journey.

Renting a helicopter in Corsica allows you to save precious time in a safely way. We have helicopter  companies partners ,  which have high experience in this type of flight.


The most popular helicopter routes are:


  • Figari – Porto Vecchio by helicopter

Traffic at Figari ‘s Airport road is  usually very busy. Flying by helicopter will save you  40-50 minutes depending on your final destination.

From 3000 euros in AS350 with 5 seats


  • Figari-  Olbia by  helicopter:  from 1,500 euros in H125.


All those prices arte based on flight we have operated. Do not hesitate to contact us, we can adapt your private trip according to your needs:  provide us your destination, number of passengers, schedules, amount of luggage, period and date of flight.