Falcon 900 Landing in Ascension island

Approach Ascension Island

Last week we operated a special flight with Falcon 900 to the remote island of Ascension, in the middle of the Atlantic ( 1500 km from the African coast, more than 2000km from the brazilian coast).

We are thrilled that we could make this one happen as this is one of the very few Falcon 900 public transport flight landing to this island. Obtaining the traffic rights and landing permits was not the easiest part of the flight and would like to thank warmly Master jet that helped us in making the flight happens. Our executive flights manager ,Philippe Bina, dedicated also a lot of patience and phone calls.

That kind of flight is a big motivation for us and one of the main reason we love our job: explore new flights, new routes, new horizon; big challenges and make them happen, you know when everyone say “it is not possible”, and in the end you succeed. Fly with eurosky Do not hesitate to contact us for any flight request.