Falcon 900 Landing in Ascension island

With Eurosky, you can reach many destinations in private jet charter such as the island of Ascension.  During March 2019, we had the opportunity to fly a team of engineers  to this remote island. We will give you some details about this very nice operation  in the article below . For any urgent private jet charter, please contact our team of experts  now.


Where is located the island of Ascension?

The island is in the middle of the South Atlantic: at 1500 km of the African Coasts and more than 2000 km of the Brazilian Coasts. Saying that, we can easily understand it is not easy to get there, even with a private jet charter.

If you need more information about the  island itself, I recommend  to read the wikipedia article.



What are the issues to fly to Ascension Island by Private jet charter?

We were  delighted to realize this flight. One of the main reason for that is the fact that getting to this remote island is very challenging. Only a few publica transportation flights are operated there.

Firstly we had to find the perfect solution for our client. They needed to fly from Europe but with a limited budget. Flying to middle of the south Atlantic requires an Ultra long Range private jet such as a Global express for instance. Yet , the client requested to lower this budget without reducing the comfort for the passengers.  We offered a perfect solution with a Falcon 900  15 % less expensive with  a technical stop on route ( in Abidjan).

Once the solution is book, the hardest part is to Obtain  the traffic rights. And as the Ascension Island is a military base we had to push all the contact we had through the E.U. authorities. Our executive flights manager ,Philippe Bina, dedicated  a lot of care and  lot of patience to finally obtain an Okay from the local authorities,.


That kind of flight is a big motivation for us and one of the main reason we love our job: explore new flights, new routes, new horizon; big challenges and make them happen, you know when everyone say “it is not possible”, and in the end you succeed. Fly with eurosky Do not hesitate to contact us for any flight request.