Hire a private jet Lisbon

Flying to Lisbon with a private jet is very easy with Eurosky. We will explain you in this article how to fly to or from Lisbon taking in consideration that the city  has two airports.


We are used to fly to Lisbon  for our Portuguese clients  and those who want to visit it. Our commercial team will advise you which jet category will suit you better for your flight to Lisbon, aswell as which airport will be the most convenient.

Below you will find some answers to the questions you may have.


Lisbon Airports: Which airport to choose for your private jet charter?

Few people knows that Lisbon has two airports.


Lisbon  Airport – Humberto Delgado:



Located 6  km north    of  the city   (between 15  -30 min by car), Lisbon Airport (Humberto Delgado)  is mostly dedicated to regular international flights. It is the hub of the airline TAP that operates numerous flights to Africa  and South America. As a consequence It concentrates most of Portugal’s air traffic

It is the main airport and has two terminals (one for domestic flights and one for international flights ),numerous  charter flights are operated for groups (incentives,  tourist, or sports).

It does not have an executive aviation terminal, but private jet flights are possible. Private flights operate through an area dedicated to the private aviation in Terminal 1 ( Level of Kiss & Fly Parking).

Lisbon Airport accepts night flights, but slot allocation is limited. In fact, whether night or day, slot allocation is becoming more difficult in Lisbon every year.


Cascais: private aviation airport  for Lisbon


Located 20  km west  of    Lisbon, it takes between 30 and 45 minutes to reach Cascais Airport. Eventhough  it is  not widely known , it is an international  airport dedicated to executive aviation.

As a consequence , it  has a terminal dedicated only to private flights with all the  comfort. Operating your private flight from here makes flight more effective and private.

besides, it is  a base for numerous aircrafts of the Portuguese fleet (including aircrafts from the fleet of the famous operator Netjets).

Cascais’s benefits compared to Lisbon:

  • Privacy and treatment more VIP.
  • Comfort: boarding is faster, taxi time is shorter.
  • Possibility to have better offers as it is an aircraft base.


Difficulties you may have operating in Cascais:

  • It is not 24/7.
  • It is subject to weather (winds and rains). Sometimes you cannot operate.


Transfer from a regular flight to a private flight in Lisbon:

Transfers from a regular  to a private flight is not automatic. However, we will help you to make this transfer in the most agile way possible. Arrivals of Brazilian customers to Europe in regular flight are usually made through  Paris or Lisbon for instance.

There are two options depending on the arrival point (or departure) of your private flight:

  • If you have your flight from Lisbon International: the door todoor is not automatic. A staff from Lisbon Airport handling company will wait for you in the arrivals area.
  • In case you have to connect with a flight in Cascais, we can offer you a vip car transfer that will take 30 minutes. 


Price to rent a private jet –Lisbon  :


     Lisbon – London on a  private jet


From 13,500 euros with a light jet, Citation jet 3 model.

From 15,000 euros with a super light jet, model   Citation XLS.

A direct flight on a very light jet between London and Lisbon is complicated due to the flight duration.


     Price from Lisbon –   Madrid:


From 6,000 euros with a very light  jet of 4 seats.

From 8,000 euros with a light jet of 6 seats.



Price from Lisbon – Porto – Lisbon:

To avoid 3 hours by car ,  or to avoid depending on  Tap’s scheduled flights  the route between Lisbon to Porto is very popular amongst our Portuguese clients.

  • Consider from 7,000 euros round trip in the day with a light jet of 7 seats type Citation  jet 3.


These prices are based on flights that we have already made. Prices may vary depending on the availability of aircraft on the day of your flight. For more information, please contact our department with your flight details.


Our commercial team is at your disposal to find the best solution for your private flight to /from Lisbon as well as to other destinations of your preference.