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Despite  it is  not the  administrative capital of Italy, Milan  is the economic lung and the second municipality  of Italy. It is a very popular city for our customers ,we are used to operate on a regular basis to and from Milan   ,either for the ones who use it as  a point of departure or for those who wish to visit it. We will explain here how to fly to or from Milan considering that it has three airports.



Our team of experts will  advise you with the ideal private aircraft model for your flight to Milan as well  as  to choose the airport  that  suits  you better.



Here are some answers to the questions you may have.




Milan ,  which airport to choose for your private flight?



 Milan Malpensa Airport  



Located 42 km  north of the city    (1hr  approx.  by car), Malpensa Airport  is an international airport essentially use for  regular ,cargo and charter flights. It concentrates most of the northern Italian air traffic. It is one of the hubs of the company Alitalia  (behind Rome Fiumicino).


It has two runways of 3. 900 meters and two terminals:  Terminal 1 with three zones A-B-C and terminal 2  dedicated to Easy jet.


It has a terminal only for Executive aviation  at the north of the airport. The terminal has severalhandling companies for  private flights assistance.

One of the great advantages of Malpensa Airport is  to be  open 24/7  day and night;  but it is far away from  the city center , that is why most of our customers usually prefer  another airport:  Milan Linate airport.







Milan  Linate Airport – Enrico  Forlani



Located 10  km  east of Milan,  Linate Airport  is an international airport that   combines  regular short-term flight activity with private aviation activity.


Thanks to its closeness to the city, it is the executive aviation airport of Milan. Linate is  the base for numerous aircraft of the Italian fleet.


As it is the executive aviation airport of the city, has a dedicated terminal for private flights with all the comforts, which makes private flights operations effective and discreet. In the executive aviation area,there are different buildings and entrances depending on the name of the handling  that makes your private flight assistance.


Possible issues operating in  Linate:

  • It is not 24/7  airport. Usually its closes around 1h am in the night ( depending on the days)
  • Weather conditions can be  an issue as  fog is very heavy in northern Italy.


Bergamo   Orio  al Serio Airport



Located 45 km  northeast    of Milan, Bergamo Airport is dedicated  to  scheduled flights (low   cost) and charter (for tour operation flights).

It is in fact the most important airport for low-cost airlines in Italy.

We do not usually use Bergamo Airport for private aviation although   Bergamo has handling companies to assist private flights. The few requests we have too Bergamo are for passengers who need to reach the northeastern part of Milan but not Milan itself.


Transfer of a regular flight to a private jet in Milan:

Transferring a regular flight to a private flight is not automatic. We will help you make this transfer in the most agile way possible.

In case you need to connect your  regular flight  to your private flight, we recommend  you to use the airport where you have your regular flight to avoid at least one hour of transfer by car.





       Prices to fly a private jet  from or to  Milan:



Price  Milan Linate – London by private jet


From 7.000 euros with a very  light jet with  4-seats, Citation Mustang  citation

From 8.500 euros con a light jet , Citation jet 2

From 10. 500 euros with a super light jet,  Phenom  300


Price travel Milan- Paris by private plane:


From 5. 500 euros with a very light jet with 4 seats.


Price travel Milan-  Ibiza with a private jet :

From 6.500  euros in a very  light jet.

From 8.000 euros with a light. jet equipped with 6 seats.

For this route we usually recommend to use a light je in case you are more than 2 passengers as very light jet like phenom 100 and citation mustang are “on the edge” for a direct operation  with 3 and 4 passengers. Route can be operated direct, but always subject to weather conditions and weight on board.

This route is very popular in summer and it is possible to find empty legs offers.




These prices are based on flights that we have already made. Prices may vary depending on the availability of aircraft on the day of your flight. For more information, please contact our commercial department with your flight details.


Our commercial team is at your disposal to find the best solution for your private flight to /from Milan as well as to other destinations of your preference.