New York by private jet

fly to New  York by Private jet with Eurosky.   We  have a lot of experience in long haul private flights as well as special flights for groups. Contact us and we will inform you of the  best solutions  for your private flight or incentive charter flight to New York.

New York City, known as  the “BigApple,” is    the most populous in the United States and one of the largest cities in the world. Scene of numerous films, economic and cultural capital.   New York offers a different lifestyle, you need to visit it to understand it.

The city is divided into 5  districts,  Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens and  Staten  Island. Each  with a special charm. Contact us and we will inform you of the best jet available for your private flight to New York.


New York by private jet: which airport?

New York City has several airports which have everything you need to operate a private  jet. Below find some details of the most important ones:


John F. Kennedy International Airport:


It is an international airport located in south east Queens ,25km from  Midtown  Manhattan.

It has 4 runaways  and 8 terminals. The terminals are connected to each other by a  Monorail  Air  Train that operates 24 hours a day.

This airport has an Executive Aviation Terminal to assist your private jet flight.


La Guardia Airport:


This airport located in the Queens district is generally  used  for domestic flights. It is a good choice as it is 13 km from Manhattan.

It has 4 terminals and two Runways. It has a terminal for private jet flights. It offers H24 service.


Newark Liberty International Airport:


Located between Newark and Elizabeth, in the north of the state of NewJersey, Newark airport  is just 22 km away from Manhattan. All kinds of flights  are operated there ; regular, charter and private jet . Eurosky uses this airport for incentive charter flights as the operational costs are lower.

Newark is composed of 3 terminals :  A,B ,C and   has an executive terminal for private jet flights.


Teterboro  Airport:


Located 19 km from Midtown Manhattan in  New  Yersey,  Teterboro is New  York City’s top executive airport. In general, we use this airport to fly by private jet to New York. Besides , many private jet are already based.

In addition, it is an airport that helps to relief the traffic of the other New York airports.   This airport is mostly for private jet flights .

In terms of restriction,  it is not possible to operate  with an aircraft  heavier than 45  tons.


How much does it cost to fly to New York by private jet?

The price for a private jet charter depends on many  factors.  Below we will give some examples of the most popular routes:

=> New York ( Teterboro) – Miami  by private jet :

starting from 12.800 EUR Midsize jet ,Learjet 60XR

=> Madrid -New York ( Teterboro) :

82.000 EUR  Ultra long range , Global 6000

=> Paris -New York ( Teterboro) :

83.000 EUR  Ultra long range , Global 6000

=> price London – New York (Teterboro) by private jet :

54.000 EUR Heavy Jet  Falcon 2000LX

70.000 ultra long range  Falcon7X

=> New York (Teterboro)  -Los Angeles :

39.000 USD  SuperMIdsize, Challenger 300


These prices are for flights made on specific dates. Do not hesitate to contact us with your flight and we will look for the private jet that best suits your needs.

Our sales team is available for any flight request to or from New York. Check  out our offers for many other destinations.