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Flying to Buenos  Aires by private jet is very easy with Eurosky. We take care of   your international flight if you want to travel from Europe, USA.   or from South America. We also offer internal flight solutions if you need to travel within  Argentina or to other nearby destinations such as Uruguay,  Chile  or  Brazil.

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Buenos Aires: a very popular destination

Buenos Aires is the gateway to  Argentina,  the largest Spanish-speaking country in  the planet. The richness of its culture, its history and above all the different ecosystems make it the most wanted country  by travelers from all over the  world. In addition, it is the second  economic power in South America. In conclusion, whether for tourism, leisure or business, Argentina is a very demanded destination.

For more information about Argentina, we invite you to read the Wikipedia article.


 Buenos Aires’ airports : Which airport to choose to fly by private jet?

The city of Buenos Aires is the gateway to the country. Buenos Aires  has  three  airports.

EZEIZA International Airport


Also known  as the Pistarini Ministry, the airport is located southwest of  the city. The transfer time by car can take between 45 and more than an hour depending on the traffic.

It is the largest airport in Argentina, most international flights arrive in Ezeiza and is a base for the national company Aerolineas Argentinas. All types of aircraft can operate there.

The airport has an executive aviation terminal 10 minutes by car from the regular aviation terminals. We are used with Door to door transfer service from to connect your arrival of a regular transatlantic flight to the executive terminal. In fact, due to the high cost of  a private jet transcontinental  flight, many customers ask us for a private jet transfer from Ezeiza.


Aeroparque Airport- Jorge Newbery


It is the second airport of Buenos Aires. It has the great advantage of being located within the city, it is located right next to the Plata river. If you are staying in the Palermo district, you will be 10 minutes from Aeroparque.

It is a short- and medium-radius scheduled airport:  for domestic flights, and flights to other countries in South  America.

In addition, it is the main base of Argentina’s private jet fleet: from a turboprop to Ultra long range jets.  It is the most suitable airport to fly by private jet because of its proximity to Buenos Aires. In addition, as it is a base  of numerous aircraft, prices are usually cheaper.


El Palomar Airport:


Located 18 km west of the city, the Palomar is a low cost airlines’ airport.  It is the smallest airport in Buenos Aires.

It is a base for pilot schools, also some jets are based there. We have operated  some flights from the Palomar, nevertheless Aeroparque airport is more recommended for private jet charter.


Connecting a regular  flight  to a  private jet charter in Buenos Aires:

If you arrive in Ezeiza, you have two options:

  • Best price option: private car transfer from Ezeiza to Aeroparque. This option can be very long due to road time.
  • The most convenient option: if you prefer to pay a little more and not miss a minute, we organize your private flight from Ezeiza. Thanks to our staff, we made a door-to-door connection very quickly.   In 20 minutes, we take you from the door of your regular flight to the door of your private This service will offer you the quickness you need to go through security control in Ezeinza.


 Most popular routes that we operate from Buenos Aires:


We often operate with very light, light and super light jet models the following routes:


Buenos Aires – Maldonado with a private jet

  • 5300 USD with a phenom 100
  • 6300 USD with a Learjet 60


Cordoba – Buenos aires with a private jet:

  • starting from 4800 USD with a  Phenom 100


The prices above of these routes we have made with specific dates. It will be better price   if you depart from Aeroparque or Palomar.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we can adapt your private trip according to your needs:  provide us with destination, number of passengers, schedules, amount of luggage   and flight date.

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