private jet to Rome

Fly to Rome on a private jet with Eurosky. Rome is the capital of Italy and a  very demanded destination for business flights as well  as for romantic and friends getaways. Like an open-air museum, Rome has a great cultural richness that impacts all its visitors. How much does a private flight to Rome cost? How  do I get to Rome by  private jet?


Rome is in our number one destination, we operate any type of flight at any time of the year. Our sales team will be able to offer  you the  best  solutions for your  private flight to Rome.


Rome Airports: Which airport to choose  of for your private jet charter?


The city of Rome has two airports: Rome Fiumicino and Rome Ciampino.


Rome   Fiumicino International Airport:


Also known as Leonard da  Vinci,    Fiumicino Airport  is  32  km east of   Rome, just  above  the village  of  Ostia.  It takes more than one hour by  car to get to the city center (on the other hand,  with the fast train,Leonardo  Express ,it  takes 32  minutes to get to Termini station). It is essentially a commercial aviation airport (regular flight, charter flight and low cost companies).


It has four runways o 3,900  meters length , allowing to operate all type of aircraft.  It has five terminals ;Terminal 1  (for  Alitalia and Air France essentially), Terminal 2 (Ryanair  terminal), Terminal  3 (for all the other airlines) and finally Terminal 5 for flights to special destinations  (such as the United States and Israel)


We operate charter flights for groups; mainly tour operator and incentive flights. We also operate private   flights. These are allowed upon  request  during the day time and when Ciampino Airport is closed (after midnight).

Rome Fiumicino Airport does not have a business aviation terminal. The meeting point is coordinated in advance with the handling agent in Terminal 3.


Rome Ciampino Airport   :


Located 15  km south of Rome,  a stone’s throw from the  famous  cinecittà studio,

Ciampino Airport is an international airport.  Gives service to low-cost scheduled flights and   executive flights.

It is the base    of the Ryanair company.

It is also the corporate airport of the city of Rome. Flights to Fiumicino are prohibited during    Ciampino’s operating hours which is from 6:00 AM to midnight  daily. It is the base of many private jets (usually light jets and super light jets).


Ciampino  has a terminal dedicated to business aviation equipped with all the comforts for VIP flights. There are different accesses to the corporate terminal, it depends on which handling assist you.

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages to keep in mind:

  • The airport is closed at night: Fiumicino is then the alternative.
  • Although it is very close to the city center, the journey can last more than 30 minutes due to the intense traffic. 

Connecting a regular flight   to a private flight in  Rome:

The transfer from a regular flight to a private flight is not automatic. We will help you to connect to your private flight easily.

Normally, day time  flights in  Fiumicino by private jet are  not accepted. We organize a private car transfer that usually takes 30 minutes.


Private jet   prices  to  and from  Rome:

Prices are to Ciampino airport:


fare  from  Brussels – Rome    on a   private jet  :

  • From 14,000 euros with  CJ2 ,light  jet  for a romantic weekend.


Price from Paris –  Rome  by  private  jet:

  • prices From 11,500  euros with a  very light jet  of  4 seats
  • From 13,000 euros in 6-seater light jet

price for a private  flight from  London   to  Rome

  •  15.000 euros with a  6-seater light jet

These prices are for flights  we operated made on specific dates.  Do not hesitate to contact us, we can adapt your private trip according to your needs:  provide us with your destination, number of passengers, schedules, amount of luggage   and flight date.

In addition, in high season if you are flexible, you can get a good price taking advantage of the empty legs.

Our sales team is available for any flight request to or from Rome. Check out our offers for many other destinations.