Travel on a private jet to the Alps

Hire a private jet to the Alps is very easy with Eurosky. One of the top activities during winter time is  to go skiing , and there is no  better place than the Alps. Many ski resorts are available by commercial flights (Geneva, Zurich, Grenoble), but the private aviation allows you to get closer to your final destination using smaller airports.  

If you have an urgent request  to reach the Alps or many other destination, please contact our commercial department. Below you will find out more information about how to reach the Alps in a private jet charter.


What is the best airport to fly with a private jet to the Alps?

The most popular airports are:

French Area:

  • Chambery airport by private jet :

Chambery airport is the most used airport to reach by private jet the French Alps.

Gives the access to the most glamourous ski station in the French Alps, Courchevel. It is seen as  the “saint Tropez”  of the Alps. Courchevel has its own airport, which has a very limited runway and it is because of this, a lot of operations are derived to Chambery airport (1h30 by car ) or Grenoble.


Swiss Area:

  • Zurich and Geneva airport’s are the safest  option to reach  the Swiss Alps. But there are also small alpine airports that can help you to reach your final destination:
  •  Samedan: if you want to go to Saint Moritz (which airport is the highest in Europe) .It has a limited runway , it  is a complicated  one due the very often lack of visibility.
  • Gstaad Saanen: the prestigious ski resort of   Gstaad
  • Sion airport by private jet :

If you want to reach  Verbier, Zermatt, Crans-Montana. Sion airport is one of the busiest alpine airport during the ski season and if you  want to reach the Swiss slopes it will be a great destination.

  • Innsbruck: Allows to reach the famous sky station of Lech.

These airports above mentioned are only a sample, there are more airport options, if you need  advice for your next trip to the Alps, please contact us . The use of an Helicopter is also a good way to get closer to your final destination and to avoid also the traffic jam.

Is there any limitation to travel on a  private jet charter  to the Alps ?

Mountain airports have some issues to be aware of:

  • Short runaways due to their location between mountains. Closer we go to the ski resort more operational issues we will have.
  • Due to the height, the take-off distance is reduced. The Atmospheric pressure reduces the operating distance of a private jet
  • Obstacles for takeoff or landing approach. A mountain would be the most common example. Pilots need a special training to be able to land on these airports.
  • Bad weather conditions: a runway with a significant amount of ice and / or poor visibility may impede an operation.


Eurosky looks deep at all the details of your flight to the Alps to anticipate any difficulty. Our private jet flight offers to the Alps always provides an alternative option to avoid any bad surprises on your trip (and on your budget).


What type of aircraft can we use to go to the Alps?

We will recommend  you the type of private jet depending on the runway at the destination: from a turboprop (such as the Pilatus 12) for the shortest and most complicated runways to a 14-seater heavy jet (a Falcon 900) for the largest airports

We also offer the possibility to use an helicopter transfer  at the airport of arrival to reach your resort and to get closer to the slopes.

This is an example of the most common issues you may have to this destination, if you have any questions and need to prepare your next trip to the Alps or any other ski destination do not hesitate to contact us.