How to hire a private jet ?

Whatever is the purpose of your journey, hire a private jet is an easy process provided you are in contact with a professional of the charter flights market such as Eurosky staff.

Because aviation cannot be improvised, you will find below the advices and the steps to follow in the process of the private jet rental.

For any urgent flight request please get in touch with our commercial department.

What are the different steps to rent a private jet ?

We can define clearly 6 steps in the booking of a private jet:

  1. Requirements: defining the needs.
  2. Search of the solutions.
  3. Presentation of the offers.
  4. Booking of the jet and flight preparation.
  5. Following up of the flight.
  6. Debriefing post-flight.



The first step is  key. It is important to understand your needs and to define well what  you are looking for. Dedicate time here will help us to target better your expectations. All the work we will achieve after this step will get much easier if we focus in defining well the requirements of the passengers.

To Hire a private jet , we will first request:

  • the routing and final destination. We will focus on the final destination and check if there is another airport that may suit you better than the one you were thinking of.
  • the dates and the departure time: it can affect availability and the feasibility of the flight.
  • the number of passengers and the quantity of luggage to choose the perfect jet.
  • the possible additional services at destination.
  • the service required on board.
  • the target price and budget you have.



Thanks to all the information collected in the first step, we can start the search for the best solutions based on our experience and network of providers amongst the thousands of solutions available in the market. We regularly audit our providers to ensure the highest degree of safety.

During this step we compare prices, but we also focus on the feasibility of the flight answering all type of question such as:

  • is the airport open at the time of departure?
  • Can this type of jet operate at this airport?
  • Is the flight direct or is there any risk of stop?


This step is at the Heart of our Know-how: we call it the production phase. Our added value is to find the perfect match between your needs and the private jets we will offer amongst all the solutions available in the market.



We can now send you our best proposals. You will receive a minimum of 3 solutions corresponding to the choices based on your needs.

We will detail each aspect of the solutions indicating our preferences based on our experience with each one of the aircrafts.

Our goal is for you to take the best decision!


Once you have made your decision, we will ask for the contract to the operator and send our documents to you in order to book definitively the private jet. The payment is due before the flight: by wire transfer or Credit card.

We accept electronic signatures and online payments so that the booking process can be as easy as possible.

We can then dedicate more time to the flight preparation:

  • Confirmation of the schedules
  • On board catering selection
  • Passengers list
  • Slots and permits supervision

We take a lot of care on all those details so that your flight become a unique experience.

During the pandemic situation we are living, we have also keep an eye on all the sanitary regulations and possible restrictions : we inform you in advance in case you need to obtain a covid test or whether you need to fill in a formulary so that you won’t lose any time at your destination.


The time has come to fly with Eurosky !

Before you go to the airport, our operations always make sure the details of your flights are all set. We double check automatically the days before your flight  the positioning and registration with the  airport authorities.  We check also the meteorological conditions.

The day of your flight we are monitoring on the different tools we have (Eurocontrol for instance) to keep an eye on your flight plan. We can then anticipate any  delays and adverse situation such as traffic on route,  complicated meteorological conditions.

We inform you of the estimated time at destination and coordinate all the meet and greet for you.

Just relax and fly with Eurosky!



Your opinion is key to us . We need it to measure:

  • the level of service we provide
  • define where we should improve-
  • Maintain the level of service of our provider.

Our goal is to maximize your satisfaction for each flight at each moment of your journey. Hire a private jet has never been so easy.


For more information about the booking process of a private jet, you can contact us through our webpage or dial +34 93 414 0986.