Hire a Private jet London

London is one of the most demanded destination to fly on a private jetWhatever the purpose is ( Business, getaway with friends)   London airports are always very busy. As a consequence  London has  more than 8 airports.  Eurosky will help you in finding the perfect solution for your next trip to the UK capital.

How to rent a private jet to London? Which airport to choose? How much does it cost to rent a private jet to London?

This article will help you to answer all  these questions. For any flight request , please contact our commercial department.


London airports: Which one is suitable for a private jet charter?


London Heathrow Airport:

IATA -> LHR.         ICAO -> EGLL.

It is the main airport in London and one of the largest in Europe.  Heathrow Airport is mostly reserved for regular flights. However, operating a private flight is only possible if the charter flight is diplomatic or if you have a regular flight  (always subject to slots). Besides, Heathrow’s operating costs are usually very prohibitive (additional cost of 9,000 euros compared to a standard airport).

That is why we usually use other airports to fly to London with a private jet.


London Gatwick Airport:


Going South London, you have Gatwick Airport. It is also a regular flight airport but also operates charter flights. The increasing traffic makes it more and more difficult to operate in Gatwick every year because of a lack of slots (especially in summer) and for the increasingly operational costs (additional 4000 euros). We do not recommend this airport for private aviation use.

We usually operate some charter flights for groups (football fans for Champions League matches // or incentive groups) but in the middle of summer it is impossible to get slots.



London Luton Airport


Located in north London, Luton airport is the low costs companies’ hub such as Easy jet or Ryan Air. It  has an important amount of regular flights .  Nevertheless charter flights for groups and private jets are also being operated.

In fact, it is a base for numerous private jets operators and a highly demanded airport if you want to go to north London. We use Luton Airport for group charters as well as for private flights. Luton airport is the first airport in number of  private jet charters  operated in London.

It should be noted that due to the  traffic limitation  it is especially difficult to  obtain night slots (after 23h local) for private flights.


Stansted Airport:


Located also in  the north of  London, we  propose Stansted Airport for some private  flights. Especially  when jets are positioned there as  this may help to reduce  costs for your flight.

It is important to know that Stansted also has night restrictions. Although the airport is 24/7 , the amount of night slots are very limited.


London Biggin Hill Airport:

IATA->  BQH.    ICAO-> EGKB   

Located in the south of London, Biggin hill is the airport we recommend and use the most  when it comes to flying to London on a private jet. It is the third airport for private aviation in term of trafic.

It has many advantages:

  • It is quite close (less than 1h00 by car, which is a great achievement for London).
  • Operating cost are lower compared to the other airports.
  • Allows pets to enter the UK  (Pet Scheme)
  • It is a great business aviation base. Most of all the private jet´s fleet are located in Biggin Hill.
  • It is a business aviation airport  so the control procedures and services offered are designed for business passengers .The taxi time on the runway is reasonable.


Farnborough Airport:


Located to the south west, Farnborough is an airport dedicated 100% to business aviation: private charter flights. It is the second airport for the number of private aviation flights.

From there it takes a little more than an hour by car with the particularity that your car can, subject to authorization, enter to the runway to pick up passengers.

It should be noted that it is an expensive airport for operators who do not have a base there.


Northolt Airport:


Better known as RAF Northolt, it is a royal air force (RAF) base. Northolt is the closest airport to east London (20 km, 30 min by car) and as it is also close to London Heathrow gives it a highly valued appeal by our customers (to be able to connect to regular international flights)

But being a military airport brings some issues:

  • Very few slots offered to private flights.
  • It has restricted hours.
  • It is not a pet entry airport for UK
  • Single-engine aircraft (such as the Pilatus PC 12 for example) are not authorized.


  London City airport by private jet:


London City Airport  is the most demanded airport as it is closest to the city and to its financial center (The City).  But it is the least used airport due to several factors that complicates its operation:

  • It is a category C airport that requires a special training: not all operators and pilots can go there.
  • Slots are very scarce for private charter traffic and it is closed on Saturday afternoons.
  • Costs are usually remarkably high (2,200 euros extra).


 London Southend Airport:


Southend is an international airport situated on the East London and Southend-on-Sea  in Essex .It is 68 km( 1hr drive)  far from central London. Most of the Low cost regular airlines and private charters flights are operating from /to London Southend Airport.

Despite it is not requested very often,  we already had the opportunity to offer it for a private jet charter from London.  One day, our night slots  were refused both in Luton and Stansted airports.  Southend was then the best solution to easily depart from London at 1h15 in the morning to enjoy a crazy night in Ibiza ( which is of course 24/7 during summer time).



Flying with an  helicopter to  London:

Landing by private plane near London can sometimes be tricky and road traffic is often very busy  at rush hour. Flying by helicopter saves a lot of time and shortens the distance to your destination.

Two main Helipads are used for private charter by helicopters in London:

One year we were able to take a DJ who initially asked to land to London City, but being on a Saturday afternoon it was impossible. The best logistic combination was landing in Biggin hill and take  a 10-minute helicopter transfer to battersea helipad. Thanks to this he saved more than 1 hour of his time to be able to rest and arrive in good condition to his concert.


The  corporate aviation terminals ( FBOs) in London  offer :

  • A custom security check.
  • Lounges that allow you to wait comfortably before boarding.
  • An agile and personalized boarding with dedicated staff.
  • A high quality onboard catering service.
  • Limousine service.
  • Helicopter transfer
  • Animal import management ( Biggin Hill // Luton)


Transfer from a regular flight to a private jet  in London:

The transfer from the arrival of an international flight to your private jet flight is not automatic. Eurosky will take care of your transfer according to your preferences and your connecting airport.

Northolt is generally the most suitable airport as it is located a few kilometers from Heathrow, the great Hub of British Airways.. A car transfer  does not take longer than a door to door in Heathrow and is less expensive.


Price for a private jet charter from London:

The most  requested routes are:

  • price for London-Paris by private jet :

=> prices for this route start from 4.500 euros with a very light jet equipped with 4 seats.

=> Starting from 6.800 euros with a light jet equipped with 6 seats

=> from 8.800 GBP with a Super light jet equipped with 8 seats such as a Citation XLS

=> from 9.900 GBP with a mid size jet like a very nice Hawker 850 XP equipped with 8 seats.


  • Private  flight from London -Ibiza

from 15.000 euros with a Citation XLS+ equipped with 7 or 8 seats.


  • price for London- Geneva by private jet :

from  7.400 euros with a citation Mustang equipped with 4 seats.


  • Madrid – London from 14,000 euros with a CJ3.

* In some special dates such as 25, 26 December  and 1 January, it should be noted that handling costs may be doubled.


These prices are based on flights that we have operated  on a specific date. So prices may fluctuate depending on the date of your current needs and availability. Moreover, the routes exposed usually have a lot of traffic with which, there are usually Empty leg opportunities especially with the route of London and Ibiza between June and September. In other words,  for more information on how to schedule your next flight to or from London  we recommend you to contact our sales department.